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Apr 14, 2011
Apr 27, 2010
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PetForums Junior, from Kent

TheJockess_&_WeeAngus was last seen:
Apr 14, 2011
    1. catzndogz
      thank you. we have had to have meg put to sleep today. she was 11 she'll be sadly missed. ann
    2. springerpete
      Glad to hear that you're keeping up with the training, it'll come I promise you, it just takes patience and developing confidence, him in you and also you in him, remember what I said, if a particular aspect oftraining is not going well take a step back and finish on something he's good at. It's important to finish on a good note with lots of praise.
      Keep me posted, I'm really interested in following your progress. Take care and good luck. Pete
    3. springerpete
      Hi, how are you, still perservering with the training ?
    4. springerpete
      Hi, how are you? Is the 'recall training coming along o.k. and has he gotten really, really muddy yet. I could send Bracken to instruct him in the finer points of that. Take care. Pete,
    5. springerpete
      Hi, Just a thought, one thing I used to do on occasions with a stubbon dog would be to do some recall work in a narrow lane or passage where the dog has nowhere to go other than come to you and very little to distract him. Might be worth a go.
    6. springerpete
      Give him time, one day he will, rest assured of that. One thing though, spaniels are never happier than when they're covered in mud and they do like to share that with those they love, so, if he comes back looking like that he will try to shake all over you. You've been warned.
    7. springerpete
      Don't give up girl, it's always two steps forward and one step back. Have you tried the reward system, a bit of cooked liver in your pocket is a good incentive to come back to you. Just don't lose your patience and yell at him or he'll think coming back gets him a telling of. If you want to see a spaniel that's testing patience have a look at thepicture I found of Bracken and put on the site. You'll realise what owning a springer can really mean. Keep in touch. Pete
    8. springerpete
      I guess your brothers working on the new power station then, or perhaps the l.n.g plant.
      I have to admit, my dogs have always lived indoors, they never had the run of the house, being confined to the kitchen really, they're allowed into the lounge for an hour or so at the end of the day as a bit of a treat for a days work. It's different if you're a keeper and have lots of dogs I guess.
    9. Werehorse
      I *always* mis-type and mis-say Angus and Agnus! lol. It's a proper mental block.
      I'm not sure where we would start with the gundog training either, I suppose I'd just ask the breeder for a clue. I think you can do the training and working dog trials without ever actually having to go shooting though.
      lol, furbaby - I call him that all the time. He's my first as a responsible adult, have moved in with boyfriend, got a job, got a puppy kind of thing. I had a collie as a family dog from when I was about 12/13, she died a couple of years ago. My boyfriend has two dogs from a previous relationship (lol!), they stay with their mum but come and visit their dad and step-mum (me!) every so often, but Oscar is his first puppy. So we both kind of know what we're doing but at the same time it's all quite new as well!

      OMG I can't half waffle on when asked the right questions! lol!

      "Sweet but naughty" sounds about right! Is Angus (got it right!) your first?
    10. springerpete
      Yes I'm in pembrokeshire, worked the dogs for years on an estate called Slebech, owned by Sir Edward Dashwood, somr pheasant but mainly known for woodcock, and the thickness of the cover, I've seen grown men cry. ( well not quite, but an awful lot tried it for one day never to be seen again) You really ask a lot from your dogs sometimes but I've loved it, and so, I believe have my dogs,
    11. Werehorse
      Hello, I was just admiring the dog in your avatar! Is that Agnus? He's a very handsome chap. Mine is called Oscar. He isn't pure Springer, although he does look it, his mum is a working cocker (who was that kind of more small springer shape, than a small square show cocker shape, if that makes *any* sense?!) and his dad is a large pure springer. Both working parents and a working litter, hence the docked tail.
      He's 7 weeks old and he's only been with us for 5 days now. He's brilliant though, going to be a complete mad handful!
      Agnus really is lovely. Are you going to work him? We haven't decided whether to do gundog training with Oscar or not yet, he's going to be a fell running dog mostly. :-)
    12. springerpete
      O.K. When he runs off with his ball stop throwing it for him, he obviously likes chasing after it, it's a great game for him, but he must learn that he's only going to have that fun if he returns to you with it.
      I would certainly suggest you get a couple of training dummies, for a dog his age i'd be looking at something around 8 ounces in weight. as I've used my dogs for game they were never allowed balls to play with as I have always felt it can make them a bit hard mouthed, they seem to like the feeling of squeezing a soft ball in their mouths and that doesn't go down too well if they're picking up birds, But that's not really an issue in a non working dog.
      I must say he looks like a bit of a character, very handsome though,
    13. springerpete
      Hi. D.
      Of course He'll learn, it just takes time, just persevere with making him sit on the lead when you give him the whistle, once he's got that you can extend the length of your lead so as he's stopping at a distance. You can give him a gentle tug on the lead to encourage him as you whistle the stop. It wont hurt him as long as you're gentle with it. Dont forget, big, big praise when he gets it right, always, and I cant stress this enough, finish any session on a positive note even if you have to go back to something you know he can do. It'll come. Another tip, it's something we do when training a gun dog, if you're using dummies for him to pick up don't let him pick up them every time, just let him pick up say, 2 out 4 or 5, this will teach him that he can only pick up what he's allowed, everything isn't his, it will stop him being competetive, I hope that's some help. Good luck, Incidentaly, what part ofthe country are you?
    14. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      Hi Pete, thank you so much for your tips. I have already implemented 1 toot on the whistle to come back which I know is slowly working. It really depends on what's around, whether it's other dogs or birds! Do you think he'd learn 2 toots for stop (wait or stay) or is that asking too much from him? I understand that springers are very clever dogs but don't want to take the biscuit lol. Thanks :-D
    15. springerpete
      Hi, it's me again. Sorry but I'd mixed up your query with someone who's dog is pestering the chickens. Your problems different. What you must realise is that springers have been bred to do exactly what your pup is doing, chase and spring game , what you do is control that. You need to go back to basics and train your dog to 'Stop' to the whistle, start by having him on his lead, give him one toot on the whistle and immediately put him into the sit position,once he's got that you'll be able to use a longer lead, soon you'll be able to do away with the lead altogether then when he's out you can stop his chasing almost before it starts. It's the same principle we use when training a dog to drop to a gunshot,
      The best weapon in your armoury with dog training is patience, it will come in time, and remember always, always end a session on a good note, even if it means taking a step backwards. Cheers Pete
    16. springerpete
      Hi Debbie.
      Thanks for your mail. With any puppy training patience is the key, it seems like two steps forward and one back sometimes I know.
      At the early stages of recall work I usually use a long (20ft or so ) tether and when I give the whistle I'm able to give a gentle tug if the dog doesnt respond, it's important to remember that no matter how long it might take getting your pup to come in you must reward it with a fuss. If your having problems with one particular aspect of training dont worry, go back to something you know your pup will do, give him a big fuss and end the training session. You should always try to end a session on a good note. As for the chicken thing, take him into a run on his lead, make him sit and when he shows signs of chasing sit him up sharp with a firm 'NO' he'll soon get the message. Hope that's of some help. Cheers Pete. p.s. Really nicelooking dog.
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    Admin Manager/Tax advisor
    My name is Debbie, but prefer to be called Debs. I'm 36 and originally from Scotland (hence my username). I was dragged to Kent kicking and screaming before I was a teenager. I'm a mum to 2 little boys (9 & 5) and of course to my furry boy Angus (6 mnths).

    This is my first time at owning a furry pet. I grew up with dogs but never had the responsibility of bringing them up or nurturing them. I feel it's a bit like bringing a new born into the home again! Saying that, I don't know what's worse - having a baby or looking after a pup?

    Swimming, reading & watching movies.



    Yes mum, I am smiling for the camera!
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