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Aug 28, 2008
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Jul 10, 1971 (Age: 49)
West Yorkshire
Professional Ferret Wrangler

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PetForums VIP, 49, from West Yorkshire

    1. lozb
      So That's why I've been thinking it's Friday!! Have you not read the newsletter & Meggie's bit about dodgy hair-styles distracting all the kids from learning? Nothing to do with the teaching styles or anything... it's all to do with the kids hair :S
    2. lozb
      Have you been sending Lucy into school with that rainbow-afro on again?
    3. zany_toon
      hun - are you still on PF?? MSN won't let me sign back on :crying:
    4. dobermummy
      Thanks for the rep. :)
      how are you? you are doing so well on your diet, i wish my weight was dropping as well as yours
    5. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      no still not found her owner, am adopting her at end of next week if no1 has come forward. pasha is still naughty despite passing that so ive signed her up for bronze lol . xx
    6. lozb
      Thank you... He can build up - depending on his 'limpness' - which is fluctuating atm....he can go to school & back with a 1/2 rest at the park, no problem... but a 20 min walk around the block leaves him limping :( Am hoping this warmer weather will do him good...xx
    7. lozb
      It's bloody hard - thinking of how he used to be...... though all that playing around probably didn't help.... he had fun, he loved it! Heartbreaking really... poor fella :(
    8. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      hi hun, really sorry i missed our walk :( uni decided to give us a suprize exam< arnt they nice. so i wa glued to books all day and kept meaning to log on to let you know, really really really sorry, then i thought id prove scientists wrong and fly down the stairs< not a good idea i still have the bruises. on the brighter side of things pasha passed her puppy training today:D am so proud :) how r u and ur furbabies???
      amy xx
    9. Cockerpoo lover
      Cockerpoo lover
      Thanks for the rep hun and glad you liked the post xx
    10. piggybaker
      Thanks for the rep and so do I
    11. srhdufe
      hun mj isnt well :(

      can you come on msn?
    12. lozb
      She couldn't BE more patronising really! I'll bloody fill in that Ofsted questionnaire now, never bothered before but will now! *bee in bonnet* Sorry, have to go, need to go wake Tabitha up and let her stay up til about midnight, feed her smarties and bang on about standing up to her teachers & the merits of food-fights. :D
    13. lozb
      Hey... did you get that sh1tty patronising letter from Meggy? Or am I being over-sensitive? :lol: x
    14. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      haha yeah it did sound very exciting, i dont mind either way so ill let you choose. x
    15. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      would it be easier for me to meet you in huddersfield somewhere?? i dont mind driving on motorways. i think the none motorway road in would be wakefield road?? past blacker farm
    16. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      its not hard, just off junction 39 M1. :D
    17. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      yes its literally a short walk from my house :D
    18. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      thats good then, where do you suggest for a walkie? x
    19. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      jasmine is a strange kettle of fish really she has dog anxiety apparently but she is making a lot of progress, i dont have to bring her if you dont want, she is my mums dog, she seems worse with small dogs then large, although the man who lives over the road from me has a belgium shepherd, who tends to try dominate jasmine when ever jas has her muzzle on or is on the lead but if she is off she leaves her alone, which is kinda setting her back alittle so we have stopped her interacting with her for the time being. x
    20. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      jasmine has dog issues, she is fine if introduced properly but she used to go mad when we first rehomed her, she is alot better after her one:one sessions. pasha is feeling her feet but usually barks from excitement and bruno is so laid back he is nearly horizontal lol some people asked where i got my wolf dog from today!!! i informed them she is not a wolf lol
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    Jul 10, 1971 (Age: 49)
    West Yorkshire
    Professional Ferret Wrangler
    I live in Huddersfield with lots of pets they are Husband & 2 human children.
    The furkids are:-
    Dogs - Henrick and Bella
    Cats - Elvis, Dizzy, Syd & Lilly
    Mice - Spotty, Wesley & Mr Bojangles
    Ferrets - Boomer, Gracie, Hunter, Monkee, Luna, Maggee, Albi & Evie
    Hamsters - Jasper, Puzzle and Big-Mama

    Lion taming, naked bungy jumping, tractor racing, shark surfing, standing on one leg, picking my nose, eating a crisp, getting dressed, having a shower, going to Asdas, sleeping, waking up, turning the lights on, going downstairs, making a cup of tea and pet forums.


    gsds (Henrick and Bella), the cats (Syd, Lilly, Elvis and Dizzy),the mice (Sir Spotalot, Wesley, Mr Bojangles) the ferrets (Boomer, Gracie, Hunter, Monkee, Luna, Magee, Albi & Evie) :smile5:

    "laughter is the best medicine".....Ferrets should be available on the NHS
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