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Aug 28, 2008
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Jul 10, 1971 (Age: 50)
West Yorkshire
Professional Ferret Wrangler

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PetForums VIP, 50, from West Yorkshire

    1. Lavenderb
    2. JollyAwesomePetTags
      When will I be able to post in the Dog Classified section? It has been several days since I registered.


    3. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, thank you for the 'like', hope you and yours are well, ttfn
    4. buffie
      Cats are sneaky little sods :rolleyes:I nearly cut Meeko in half one day.He was sitting out on a shelf in his run when I opened a cupboard door to put something in,it was open for all of 5 seconds but he had legged it from his perch to the cupboard just as I was closing it :eek:
      Hope you can still enjoy your flowers where ever you decide to put them:D
    5. buffie
      Thanks for the blob :)
      Hope the link was helpful,I'm a bit of a worry wart where plants and flowers are concerned,the smallest hint that they maybe toxic,out they go.
    6. loubyfrog
      Sorry to hear about your ratties Gill. :( Hugs.xx
    7. lymorelynn
      Thank you for the green dot :D
    8. Dinbin
      Thank you that is very reassuring although I totally understand it's not a 100% guarantee. I have already emailed the electricity co which will hopefully lay my fears to rest. :)
    9. Dinbin
      Hi dogsmother just wondered if you could check with your oh for me. Have just dragged my other half out to check out substation more closely. It's surrounded by thick wooden fencing but there is no roof so my mogs could jump into the enclosure. The actual 'workings' of the substation are open within the fencing but it's small only about 4ft square (the working part) and there is no hum and no overhead cables coming into it. If you get a chance could you ask your oh's opinion as to potential risk.
      Thank you very much
    10. CRL
      thanks for the rep xxx
    11. newfiesmum
      Thanks so much for the rep x
    12. Mirx3
      Hope it wasn't too much trouble.
    13. Mirx3
      Thank you for moving my thread, I wasn't sure who had done it until you liked it :) appreciate it!
    14. tiatortilla
      Thanks for the rep :)
    15. canuckjill
      well that didn't work either, can only get page 1 and 2...
    16. Mirx3
      Thanks again :D
    17. Mirx3
      munchkinpie :) Please, and Thank you!
    18. Mirx3
      Hi, I was wondering if I could get a name added to my poll, I had accidentally left them off and doesn't seem fair without them added. If any chance I could get it added that'd be great.
    19. Milliepoochie
      Thanks for the rep - Millie is still sleeping lol x x
    20. Dogless
      Mine comes in a glass too. If we must take it then we must....cheers!
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    Jul 10, 1971 (Age: 50)
    West Yorkshire
    Professional Ferret Wrangler
    I live in Huddersfield with lots of pets they are Husband & 2 human children.
    The furkids are:-
    Dogs - Henrick and Bella
    Cats - Elvis, Dizzy, Syd & Lilly
    Mice - Spotty, Wesley & Mr Bojangles
    Ferrets - Boomer, Gracie, Hunter, Monkee, Luna, Maggee, Albi & Evie
    Hamsters - Jasper, Puzzle and Big-Mama

    Lion taming, naked bungy jumping, tractor racing, shark surfing, standing on one leg, picking my nose, eating a crisp, getting dressed, having a shower, going to Asdas, sleeping, waking up, turning the lights on, going downstairs, making a cup of tea and pet forums.


    gsds (Henrick and Bella), the cats (Syd, Lilly, Elvis and Dizzy),the mice (Sir Spotalot, Wesley, Mr Bojangles) the ferrets (Boomer, Gracie, Hunter, Monkee, Luna, Magee, Albi & Evie) :smile5:

    "laughter is the best medicine".....Ferrets should be available on the NHS
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