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The Twins
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Sep 27, 2019
Oct 11, 2009
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The Twins

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Sep 27, 2019
    1. HollyM
      How you doing? Hope you are well.
    2. The Twins
      The Twins
      In case anyone wonders, i wont be on here anymore after todays thread - its upset me to the point of leaving this forum. Good luck to all my friends!
    3. Aurelia
      :lol: No worries. Tis about time they fixed that!
    4. KathyM
      Some people want an excuse to be lazy owners. Can't value their pets too highly and won't be advised otherwise. It bothers me that they need that laziness to be contagious and to pass it on to justify their own apathy.
    5. KathyM
      There are ways and means of affording proper pet care, even for people as skint as me lol. It's people who are too lazy and expect something for nothing (like neutering vouchers for all from a charity's pocket!!) that do my head in. They can try it but noone's as skint as me at the minute and mine aren't eating that crap lol.
    6. KathyM
      Thank you very much! xx
    7. hobbs2004
      But they will have to say that they are being fed whiskas kitten - otherwise not good pr, eh?
    8. hobbs2004
      Oh no i haven't - must go and look! lol
    9. hobbs2004
      How are you doing? Haven't seen you on for a while! Not that you missed anything really - been really quiet.
    10. hobbs2004
      Thank you for the rep! I wasn't sure whether if it wasn't too patronising :-)
    11. hobbs2004
      Gilbert and George the cat twins - that is kind of cool! I didn't know that cat can have twins but I suppose why shouldn't they! (blushes). How are you doing otherwise?
    12. hobbs2004
      Hello! It has always intrigued me but I haven't asked: Do you have twins Zoe? And I do agree with a thread that outlines the pros and cons of neutering
    13. sequeena
      The cat breeding thread has been closed sadly but I would still like to reply to you LOL. I have been brought up to spay/neuter all my animals and fully intended to with Cotton - however my vet said she was too small to be neutered (I have since had conflicted opinions on this, several people have told me they've had kittens done at 8-10 weeks and people who said their vet said the same as mine). I bulked her up but what I thought was bulking her out actually was a pregnancy. My vet then advised me he didn't think she'd survive the operation as I don't WANT kittens and so I've made the decision to do the best I can. All but one of the kits will stay with me, my mum is having the other to add to her 9 NEUTERED brood ;)
    14. Taylorbaby
      no problemo! Your kits are gorge!
    15. hobbs2004
      Hi! Just left you some rep for thinking about the bach flower remedy for that boisterous kitten. Poor bloke - he seems to be doing everything right and the little kitten is not playing ball.
    16. hobbs2004
      Thanks for copying that info across. I am still working on that spreadsheet in case you would like to get involved?
      I cannot believe some people - they rant about cats needing to have access to the outside because they are born to roam but then they feed them dry? :incazzato: Ah well.......
    17. The Twins
      The Twins
      Yup... she loves her cats am sure of it but she went about this litter the complete wrong way and she should be honest about not knowing the father. Btw, have you seen the newest thread on the nutrition page re a new kitten/advice etc...??
    18. hobbs2004
      :eek: Def the wrong motivation!
    19. hobbs2004
      Ooh that is kind of naughty! :mad: Just so that she can get more money? Naughty, naughty, naughty!
    20. hobbs2004
      I don't know but I think it is kitten-mad season. There seem to be an awful lot of the minute, I agree. Otherwise it has been really quiet.
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