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Terrier Fan
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Apr 11, 2018
Oct 20, 2008
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Feb 21, 1981 (Age: 40)
MK, Bucks
Pet shop Assistant

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Terrier Fan

PetForums VIP, 40, from MK, Bucks

Terrier Fan was last seen:
Apr 11, 2018
    1. CrazyCanuck
      Happy Birthday hope you have a great day!
    2. colliemerles
      HaPpY BiRtHdAy
    3. abbiechi
      It must be so lovely to have that many dogs, lots of different personalities :)

      I've only had Phoebe for 2 days now and I'd be happy to recommend anyone to get one, she's an amazing little pea xx
    4. abbiechi

      Thank you. I love her to pieces already, she's my first Chihuahua (but definitely not my last!) ;)

      What dogs do you have?
    5. CheekoAndCo
      Thanks :) Shetlandlover made me it
    6. Pets2luv.webs.com
      My mum has since got another yorkie he is 10 now called Robbie. I have got 3 cavs, 10 guineas and 5 rabbits. Sorry to hear about your piggie. We have lost a couple in the past and it feels horrible. I am on the look out for a couple of long haired piggys for my birthday but so far everyone is too far to get to :(.
    7. Pets2luv.webs.com
      Hi my first dog was a yorkie she lived untill she was 14 fantastic pets. I have a guinea pig called violet too and my name is Alison. Looks like we have got lots in common. :)
    8. Devil-Dogz
      Thanks alot for the rep :D
    9. crazybones
      thank you for the rep...
    10. Terrier Fan
      Terrier Fan
      So you're resorting to threats now, that's big of you!
    11. lozza84
      er i am a breeder of guinea pigs yes, and ..... i dont get rid of them once theyv had babies !! u clearly need to shut up
    12. lozza84
      Breeding machines lmao wat dog have i bred then ?! Get ur facts straight
    13. lozza84
      I dont know how u can come to that conclusion, u dont know me or anything about me! Do u know the heartache i had to go thro to give milly milo up? No i didnt think so! I look 4ward to seeing u in the petshop :) i dont treat mu pets badly, u have no idea, think wat u like hunni :)
    14. lozza84
      Thanks :) u know it all
    15. thedogsmother
      I have to say I have enough animals now, they all need to have not just the clean cages but they need attention as well so I am going to call a halt to getting any more. If the baby mice are the right sexes I might keep one or two but if they are boys or there are not enough girls I will have to let them go, it will be hard so soon after loosing their daddy though.
    16. thedogsmother
      I didnt realise you worked in a pet shop, arent you tempted to take animals home? It would be fatal if I worked anywhere where pets were sold, Im a proper addict I even make myself stay away from P@H now as its far too tempting lol.
    17. thedogsmother
      sslightly better today so I think Im over the worst of it thanks, I think it will still be a couple of days till Im back to my usual self though. How are you today
    18. thedogsmother
      Vent away lol, thanks for letting me know as well.
    19. OllyMurph
      He certainly does! I don't know how I ever lived without him!
    20. OllyMurph
      hiya! your doggies are so cute! :)
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    Feb 21, 1981 (Age: 40)
    MK, Bucks
    Pet shop Assistant
    Hi Everyone,
    My Name Is Alison.
    I have 5 Dogs. Tilly, Louie, Toby, Vinnie and Arnie.
    I also have a large Tropical fish tank.
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