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Jul 4, 2016
Mar 2, 2010
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Jul 4, 2016
    1. pika
      :lol: Skye's an Alaskan Klee Kai :)!!
    2. newfiesmum
      Thanks for the compliments. They know they are gorgeous! If you are thinking about getting one, do come back to me. They are wonderful creatures but there are downsides which you need to know about. I would like another, but I simply don't have room and I am having a lot of problems with Joshua at the moment. Margaret
    3. pika
      Hi there, indeed I do. Oh thats wonderful! Sure I can help you out with that one.

      Depending on what your looking at paying it may be worth trying buildings for rent in the Surrey Quays area. My grandparents live around there and seems most buildings allow dog on a non strictly speaking but via arrangement basis.

      Are you looking for more central London?
    4. metaldog
      Thanks for sticking up for me in my thread about reporting the man to the dog warden :)
    5. lalauri
      Haha, Yes! I was browsing your profile, saw you mention the meadows and was like "wait a minute, I go there!" lol :D
    6. carebear
      thankyou, your baby is lovely to they all are.
    7. pika
      Thanks so much,

      Aww thats fantastic, makes me think it may just be possible to get a lab in futures!! Thanks so much for answering all my questions!! Oh and thank you very much!!
    8. pika
      Ah fantastic, thanks so much for letting me know how you did it. Hmmm, I may consider a lab for the next 1 - 3 years time. I adore them and their sillyness! Also how does your's do been left alone at home, barker or quiet?? Another question how is he with other dogs?? Sorry for all the questions I'm just really interested in how you did it because a lab was something I seriously considered before getting my Alaskan Klee Kai.
    9. pika
      Hiya, I read on a post you lived in an appartment with a lab. I was wondering how it works for you, is your lab good with not having a garden and what not?? Sorry just I always wanted a lab but live in a flat so sort of ruled it out but your post gave me a little glimmer of hope :lol:
    10. leashedForLife
      caption 35 - lets laugh! - Pet Forums Community :D
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    I'm a student in Edinburgh. I am mum to Dante the chocolate labrador and can be found doing nothing on the meadows while Dante eats lots of grass (he thinks he's a cow.)


    “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

    -Maya Angelou

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