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Jan 8, 2015
Jan 10, 2009
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Taylorbaby was last seen:
Jan 8, 2015
    1. buffie
      All his pics are the same I never seem to get him doing anything "exciting",but I will try.
    2. buffie
      He has finally turned the corner.He has become so "soppy" recently I hardly recognise him.Hope he stays like this and doesnt go back to "bitey" cat,I much preferr this version.
    3. buffie
      You only get out ,what you put in.So you deserve nice kittens :)
    4. buffie
      Thanks for the blob.That person has to be at the wind up surely :rolleyes:
    5. Eroswoof
      You okay? xxxxx
    6. Eroswoof
      *poke* xxxxxxx
    7. Cassia
      Thankies for the rep ma dear :D x
    8. Eroswoof
      I reckon triple wouldn't be too bad you know (ps I know we've spoken about this via text but I didn't want to not answer you here) :lol: xxxxxx
    9. Cassia
      Nooooooo! lmao! Hahaha don't think I could have anyway.... I decided yesterday it'd be an awesome idea to remove the skin from my MASSIVE blister on my foot (i know thats so disgusting) as to ease the pressure and now im left with a foot of red raw skin that I cant walk on :( I'm so silly! lol
    10. lymorelynn
      I'll see how it goes - depends what she has of course but I'd still like to keep one to carry on with breeding out the silver oriental from her lines.
    11. Cassia
      Hahaha! I think it's a bit too late now... I've just woken up :P
    12. lymorelynn
      :lol: You spotted that one quickly :D Just spoken to the breeder and we're using our usual boy Mapu Houdini. Going on Friday as my vet didn't have a snap test at my local surgery and he'll have to get one in from their other branch. Mai Tai only started calling last night so Friday will be perfect going on her usual cycle. I will of course keep you updated on progress :D
    13. Eroswoof
      Did you get my text? :D xxxxxx
    14. Eroswoof
      :eek: I didn't see your message :( *massive hug*

      No not yet :( :( I'll ring them again tomorrow and pester :w00t: xxxxxx
    15. Cassia
      I'd love to but I haven't been invited by Pointermum and Marleyboy yet and I don't like to just invite myself haha!
      But I'll see him when he's back at Marleyboy's house hopefully at some point.
      How old is Presley now?
    16. Cassia
      Ahhhh so excited to be meeting Presley soon! Wohoooo! :D
    17. colliemerles
      i tried had feeding one of my puppies once, its very hard, its very upsetting when you loose them, fingers crossed her kittens make it. ( If you mean is that a chinchilla in my picture, then yes, that is Smokey who sadly died from cardiac arrest at the vets in may, we are still in shock, he was only two,)
    18. Eroswoof
      Just letting you know my battery has gone on my mobile :cryin: I haven't vanished xxxxx
    19. Eroswoof
      Still up lovely? xxxxxx
    20. Cassia
      send again if you can lol
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    Find a Early Neuter vet near you! Always speak to the vet and explain why you want the kittens neutered, many more vets are EN now, and the list is growing, the vet may not be listed here so always call a vet in your area and ask! :)

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