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Jan 8, 2015
Jan 10, 2009
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Jan 8, 2015
    1. Nicky10
      Neither do I so many breeds have had to have outcross programmes to help them survive in the past or to almost completely rebuild a breed like the irish wolfhound. I would love one of those german shepherds they're stunning but I don't have the time to work them as much as they deserve. Should be a female and if the breeding goes to plan I'll get her in November. I was thinking of calling her Kara
    2. Nicky10
      Because they aren't purebloods damn it and that's just wrong. I don't mind outcross programmes for health or because the breed is too inbred I see it as a good thing. This is the kind of gsd I like even in the show stance back end not almost on the floor http://www.truehaus.com/hanka2.jpg. It's a shame about their temperments though they're mostly bred for protection/police work so they're very intense. If all goes to plan I'll be the proud mummy of a giant schnauzer in November
    3. Nicky10
      I think controlled outcross programmes are a good idea like the LUA dalmations. But some breeders threw hissy fits it would take generations before they could take them in the ring, purity of blood crap. My next dog is from a show breeder but giant schnauzers are healthy and fit for their original jobs and just about everything else. The show german shepherds on the other hand are a disgrace I much prefer the Czech/DDR lines
    4. Nicky10
      They are gorgeous apparently there's some huge split in the breed in the UK though and the inbreeding coefficients are so high because they refuse to use each others dogs. Some are very strict some any colour any pattern like borzois
    5. Nicky10
      Yes interesting it's happened in a few dogs breeds german longhaired pointer the standard said they could only be liver and white, the black and white ones became munsterlanders. I prefer the colourpoint cats too but they are very gorgeous
    6. Nicky10
      Thank you :). Just got curious with the names being similar
    7. Nicky10
      Hi sorry this is probably a stupid question but were Ragdolls and Ragamuffins the same breed early on and then split into separate breeds or were they developed separately?
    8. buffie
      It only takes one little "bit" of information to go the wrong way and thats it b*****ed.Its not the fixing it that is stopping me its the cost to have it fixed as I have been quoted Well over a hundred pounds upwards.
    9. buffie
      I'll just keep trying to get it to boot up.Its a bit hit 'n' miss with it this is the longest it has refused to start though,so maybe its finally "died"
    10. buffie
      Not that I know of.The PC clicks when it is trying to boot up,which I am told means that the hard drive is faulty.
    11. buffie
      No no cover now it ran out a year or so ago.Bought in Comet its an HP and is Windows Vista.
    12. buffie
      Sorry not sure how to get pics on to new computer havnt done that yet.I will have a look at doing that tomorrow.I assume I just plug in the usb cable but not sure.
    13. buffie
      no nothing just a message at the top of the screen "boot system failure"
    14. buffie
      No.it wont boot up.it goes to" boot system failure,insert disk" .Problem is I dont have a disk,dont know what disk it is meaning.
    15. buffie
      5 years or there about
    16. buffie
      Its the hard drive that is gone it seems,that or the mother board.Sounds like I know what Im talking about but I dont.It wont" boot up"so i'm stuffed,cant get into anything.
    17. buffie
      Having someone "look" at it was my first thought but it seems to be "expensive" to fix, anything from £120 upwards so decided it was more realistic to get a new one.
    18. buffie
      Nope I havnt got one of them :eek:.The problem I have now is my old PC is broken with a capital "F" so if I havnt downloaded my pics on to the memory stick that I "think" they are on I may have lost them :eek:
    19. buffie
      Oh yes I would .My PC is full of rubbish pics .Well was full I've just got a new one so i have still to transfer them over.Hope it works.
    20. buffie
      I do but David Bailey I aint,so usually end up with half a cat in the pic
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