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Jan 8, 2015
Jan 10, 2009
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Jan 8, 2015
    1. spid
      No plans started yet - the blooming human children in the house have needed attention! Darn them! Have looked at lots of Selkirk photos though. Still favouring the goldens and hubby likes them too. But, you know what it is like, you could fall in love with a kitten at any point, or the lines might be perfect even if the colour isn't etc. Keeping my options open.

      What about you - what are your plans - other than having one of my eventual Selkirks! lol!
    2. Maistaff
      Thank you very much for your kind words about my cats :O)
    3. spid
      just noticed you have my old website link on your website - could you change it to Home - Finesthour RagaMuffins Ta, I'll add you to my new website asap.
    4. spid
      Off to peruse your website and then do some scrapbooking - have a great day!
    5. spid
      well you are easy to please - a chinchilla or a golden - I shall see what I can do. I'm hooked on showing now - even got hubby to travel 2 hours each way just to meet selkirk breeders yesterday - we spent about 1 1/2 hours at the show and 4 hours driving! He is good to me!

      I need to start planning I think.
    6. spid
      Wow - what a cross post! Is it a golden you are after especially?
    7. spid
      Yes you're right both BSH and Persians - I'm sure I'd need a BSH at SOME point. Might have to wait a while though. Coda's only 8 months and I haven't even got a Selkirk kitten yet - so might be getting a LITTLE ahead of myself.
    8. spid
      lol - you are a card! I'll pop you on the list for a kitten in about 2 and a bit years time then!!!!!!(If I've not been banned by then!) I may just hold you to that! I've had a Birman, and will be doing RagaMuffins and Selkirks - ooo I get to choose one more breed!!!!!! Yippee. Then I can just get another prefix! Actually, I think the Muffins and the Selkirks will be plenty!
    9. spid
      When I get one (IF in the case of a golden) I will let you come and see and you can fall in love and NEED one of the kittens to add to your large brood already! How many cat breeds can one prefix have?
    10. spid
      Oh, she does colourpoints - don't want a colourpoint :(
    11. spid
      Thanks - I will look at that web site - I'm looking for a long haired curly - either silver or golden - pref tabby (one gene) - not sure on exact colour. I am VERY excited!
    12. spid
      Hopefully!!!!!! met a couple of breeders at the show yesterday - will wait for the right one - sometime later on this year hopefully.
    13. swarthy
      lol - I will keep you posted - certainly our Labrador Health website has been well received and is now pretty much the most referenced website for anything to do with Labrador Health - I did set up an all breeds website - but compiling all the information was challenging and it sort of fell by the wayside :(
    14. swarthy
      lol thanks - it's not the first time it's been suggested - although I would like to focus on health / genetics - I did try to find someone to supervise me for a PhD in that area - but no-one wanted someone with a business background venturing into the 'dark' side :(
    15. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Oh god dont ask :w00t: :rolleyes: the good news is Louie finally fetched up a fur ball he has been bleating on about :rolleyes: :lol:
    16. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Happy new Year :D x
    17. buffie
      Your new baby is gorgeous.Gosh its hard to think that Meeko was that small.What colours do you expect her to produce.
      When I said your web site didnt work,I meant the link on the bottom of your posts.Did that not take you to your site when you clicked on it.
    18. buffie
      Need more pics ,please :D.Meant to say that your web link didnt work,have you disabled it.I had to type it into google.Its bookmarked now.Why is it though that it is only the members who contributed the most that are the ones who have left :(.Sometimes I feel I'm arguing with my self :rolleyes:
    19. buffie
      I've just been for a peek at your new kitten she's gorgeous :001_wub:How old is she in that pic.She does remind me of Meeko as a baby although I think he was a little darker.You have to either post some picks on the forum or put some larger ones on your site for me to drool over :D
    20. buffie
      The forum has plunged into a big dark hole.There are hardly any of the old members left,it is just not the same place anymore:( Im off to have a look at your new girl.Will report back later :D
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