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Jan 8, 2015
Jan 10, 2009
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Taylorbaby was last seen:
Jan 8, 2015
    1. spid
      Not very another 4 and a half weeks to go.
    2. Flamingoes
      Omg she's been insane since I came out of hospital yesterday :| xxxx
    3. spid
      I know I tease myself, would love a blue golden :D
    4. spid
      Blues and blacks, all tabby, all long haired in silver or golden.
    5. spid
      Yep plodding along. Bomber is pregnant but still umming and ahhing about whether to carry on - so many people being stupid - like that thread - it really makes me wonder why I do it. Hey ho. YOu?
    6. buffie
      Sorry didn't answer your message yesterday,I didn't see it :o.
      I was itching to tell her to go get a stuffed toy instead but I sat on my hands ;)
      I can remember the days of a furry rocket fired Meeko flying round the house :eek: infact he sometimes still has a mad few minutes of "wall of death" antics :rolleyes: I still havnt put all the plates back on the Welsh Dresser :D
    7. dougal22
      Elvis had a lovely life with you. It's a good job they don't outlive us as no one would love them quite like we do :)

      Yes, all is fine here ta :)
    8. dougal22
      How are you? So sorry to hear about Elvis :( (((((hugs)))))
    9. Marley boy
      Marley boy
      hi thought I would message you on here as I no longer have your mobile number. Presley is such a big goof ball :) hope all is well with you and the cats x
    10. colliemerles
      hahahahaha lol,research lol, thats a good one.x
    11. colliemerles
      hi, i got my maine coon boy from a breeder in scotland, its my first maine coon. i cant remember what breeder raggs got theirs from, he did say, but i cant remember lol.
    12. buffie
      I think all cats are programmed to puke on any surface other than an easily cleaned one.My first cat would leg it from where ever she was so that she could be sick right in the middle of our bed :arf:
    13. buffie
      If I ever get an answer I'll let you know.Im still at the "looking for puke"stage but hopefully it is all over now.
    14. buffie
      Thats the weird thing,he wasnt ill.He was his usual bouncy ,happy cheeky self,he would be sick and then just go and eat again.No change of food,Meeko doesnt do "change".No hairball that I could see.It seems,now that he has room after his "clear out"everything is working again,when I mentioned it to the vet he said,when he did a physical exam he didnt think he was constipated.But honestly for the amount of food he had eaten over the previous couple of days he couldnt have produced the amount of poo that he did,All very odd.He seems back to his normal self.We are back at the vets on the 12th of this month,if not before .
    15. buffie
      A good Scottish saying "as thick as mince" :D.He hasnt been ill as such,but he was being sick every 2/3 days,just the once then carrying on as normal.Went to vets ,couldnt find anything said to monitor but if he went of food to go back.he did stop eating so went back,still nothing obvious but vet suggested if it continued to start tests to see if there was a cause.Have done blood tests but all clear.Prescribed antacid to see if that helped.On the day of blood sample he had his normal daily poo,then after the vets another 2,the following day another 2 again "normal" since then appetite back to normal,no sickness for 7/8 days now.Is it the antacid's :confused:was he bunged up,2 vets gave a thorough exam neither could feel anything wrong.If he was bunged up,it was a hell of an expensive laxative.Phew that turned into a novel :o sorry :rolleyes:
    16. buffie
      Thanks for the blob.:)How are you and all your furbabes
    17. Kiwi
      Hey - you're not alone there!! Things move so fast on here sometimes that I really worry about all the senile moments I have each day ;/
    18. Kiwi
      A thread that has now bitten the dust...
    19. Kiwi
      Thanks for making me greener :) x
    20. spid
      Tried to rep you for the bengal thread thing but not allowed. I do try to spread it around.
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