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May 28, 2014
Feb 12, 2010
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tasha15 was last seen:
May 28, 2014
    1. NicoleW
      What breed is your dog? She's bootiful.
    2. sketch
      Messaged you, sorry it took a while xx
    3. Thorne
      No afraid not, i was just a kennel girl :D
      Great to hear you're having so much fun together, bet she'll love the agility x
    4. tasha15
      it is a coincidence are you the one who sorted out her papers? shes just turned one now and i love her to bits were going to start agility with her soon that will be fun and we have entered her into fun dog shows and last sunday she came second for pretiest bitch at the rspca shes definetly well looked after im always on here researching lol
    5. Thorne
      Hi again, i used to work there and seem to remember you brought her back for a quick visit when she was younger, what a coincidence! She's looking beautiful x
    6. tasha15
      hi yes she is how did you know?
    7. Thorne
      Hi there :)
      Just seen a photo of gorgeous Bonnie on the BC thread and had to ask, is she a Forestglade bred collie? From Kersey Croft in Witnesham? x
    8. baba
      Hi. Bonnie is beautiful!
    9. tasha15
      hi she is a full kc reg border collie she does look alot like yours who is also lovely
    10. Burrowzig
      What a lovely dog. She looks similar to my Kite who's a Welsh Sheepdog (see my profile/album). Is Bonnie a Border Collie or a Welsh?
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