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May 16, 2017
Apr 5, 2011
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PetForums VIP, from Manchester

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May 16, 2017
    1. DogHeart
      Hi. Come and join our community DogsHeartFoundation.com send this message to all animal lovers to save a soul.
    2. Coffee
      I can imagine it would be quite a hassle to post one of those beds! I've spoken to my brother and he's happy to take delivery :) I'll have the funds by Friday so I'll PM you Thursday evening and we can sort it out from there, if that all sounds okay with you? :)
    3. Coffee
      Thanks so much for offering to hold onto the bed until next weekend, I really appreciate it :D
    4. foxyrockmeister
      Well remembered! Yes, we will be in Coniston from Fri 22nd to Fri 29th November, are you likely to be about at all? I'm also hoping to meet up with Werehorse and the MCC, so maybe we could all get together..... Pickles, Nell, MCC, Izzy and Millie all together :o that would be one big ball of black and white mayhem!!!
    5. Werehorse
      Aaaaaaaawww! She's too cute! Little female version of Oscar - I showed him the picture and he fully approves - as long as you promise to bring her up to the lakes for him to meet. lol
    6. Pointermum
      Thanks for the rep, i think i'm now losing my tact ;)
    7. Julesky
      Ah Tarnus tank you for my rep :)... rounded off an excellent saturday.. I'll have to try these charcoal bones on my boy- :) xx
    8. CaliDog
      you wasn't being harassing don't worry :lol: she is loving it, she has started on tripe this week! :eek: it bloody stinks :lol:
    9. CaliDog
      i was going to...and then wussed out :o :o :o i am just not ready or confident to do smallish bones i would be fine with a big lamb bone...i feel really silly
    10. CaliDog
      i cant wait to start noticing the effects of it! :)
    11. CaliDog
      I am going to weigh them anyway, but am sure two will be enough. The mince in her bowl didn't look enough she had around 225g of mince and a heaped tablespoon of veg blend, is raw filling compared to "other" dog foods? how long has izzy been fed raw?
    12. CaliDog
      I agree about the mince being boring, although she did love it :p she was jumping up like mad when i was putting it in her bowl, something she never does, how many wings would you suggest about 2?
      I will be posting loads of pics when i have done that :lol: i have some of the mince just need to upload it.
    13. CaliDog
      Hiya we gave her chicken mince with a veggie blend I am in work this evening and i dont want OH doing it :lol: i am going to give her some tomorrow tea time :p should i give her the mince and the chicken wing?
    14. Goblin
      Thanks for the rep. Timing depends on how large a piece a dog can swallow without regurgitation ;)
    15. Goldstar
      Thanks for the rep :D
    16. sailor
      Hello there, the cheeky little chap is indeed just that ... cheeky! The humping has stopped, but the nipping persists. He thinks he owns the place and has already found a way of getting ontop of the work surfaces! I keep finding his stagbar burried under my pillows (bed) and I also found a half chewed chew in my shoe :lol: He is too brave for his own good and tried to take on a rather large grumpy bull terrier :o
      How is Izzy monkey getting on? x
    17. CaliDog
      Thank you for the rep! they looked so similar :)
    18. moonviolet
      Thanks for the rep. It was the slimmer muzzle but i wasn't 100% sure. :)
    19. foxyrockmeister
      Hi there, I've finished all the words for the book but haven't done all the pictures yet, I was hoping to have it done by Christmas but clearly that isn't going to happen!!!
      As for Branston....... well, I'm a wimp and have given up on him with regards to walking from home :( He is fine 99% of the time on lead otherwise (apart from pulling) but I know that the second I try and walk him off of our drive he will be straight back to his crazy ways, so I confess, I have taken the easy way out and just don't do it :o
    20. Werehorse
      Oooo, fabulous. Always fun to meet internet people! :lol: We aren't going away over Christmas so let us know some days that suit you and you can experience the Chaos first hand!
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