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May 28, 2012
Jul 22, 2008
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Saltash, Cornwalll
Office Manager and Commercial Assistant

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PetForums Junior, from Saltash, Cornwalll

Tamsin was last seen:
May 28, 2012
    1. SpringerHusky

      I'm lucky Maya's not being a flirt she's being the opposite and going for all dogs
    2. SpringerHusky
      Heyas, how's your lot doing? :)

      Maya is in season again and driving me crazy haha
    3. animallover111
      Hi there just given you a green blob for your post yesterday as promised,you worded it much better than i ever could.
      michelle xx :) :)
    4. GoldenShadow
      I'm sorry about your mare, sounds very traumatic :( I can't really do much riding anymore anyway, I rode a TB x for a local lady, he's a bit nutty and knocked me out in a stubble field before, and with exams I couldn't really risk bringing him in this year for her. Apart from that there's not a decent riding school for miles, my old yard is about 50 mins away too, I'm off there this afternoon to see the new foal! I think I miss my old boy a bit much to go back there and to ride very often. Its like I want to replace him, but no I never can, if that makes sense?!

      I'd like to know more about your horse, will have a hunt in your albums to see if you've got any photos up :)
    5. GoldenShadow
      That was really nice of you to leave me a message thanks! I don't want to do any threads about him but I still drop him into conversation once in a while! I'm not sure the horseworld is really for me after all, maybe it was kind of a wake up call, the reaction I got on this other forum! Can I ask what happened to your horse? Lily x
    6. SpringerHusky
      Oh reminds me, dog training classes are gunna go up to £2 and they start agility on the thursday 16th at 7pm at gables every week, I'm not sure I can go 'cause walking is very far and i'm not doing it that late.
    7. SpringerHusky
      Yeah bear will defiantly be with me, even if I find him a new home before then i'm not letting him go till after my birthday/puppyparty hehe
    8. SpringerHusky
      Would love to meet up, ya know there's a dog show at gables on april 11th and maya and barney are staying with me those are my dogs and I'm not giving them up for the world :D
    9. SpringerHusky
      Heyas, nope not yet we have had people come and see him and all say no because of how big he's gunna be, everyone wants a springer sized dog or smaller rather than malamute.
    10. SpringerHusky
      Yeah, it is. I forget what I pay per year put i pay £1.50 per class and from what i remember that's the same price for agility also. Training classes are 1 hour and from what I remember agility is about 3-4 hours and they also do shows in the summer. I'll get their number next time I'm up.
    11. SpringerHusky
      Cool, I love doing agilty, the dog training I go to do agilty from about march/april-november/december depending on the weather.
    12. SpringerHusky
      Mistook you for someone else again, haha thing's are doing ok for me, we kept one puppy who's growing very quick but how's things your end?
    13. SpringerHusky
      None, they have all gone to new homes now, which is why the thread was closed.
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    Saltash, Cornwalll
    Office Manager and Commercial Assistant
    I am a 20 year old female, who currently lives in Saltash. I love animals and have had a variety of animals for as long as I can remember.
    I currently have 2 dogs, A English Springer Spaniel called Willow and a Parsons Jack Russell Called Lady.
    I also have 3 Gerbils.

    I love horse riding although i dont go very often anymore as I no longer have a horse. I love all things to do with animals and enjoy walking my dogs in the evenings after work.
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