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Mar 21, 2012
Nov 12, 2009
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PetForums VIP, from Cheshire

tafwoc was last seen:
Mar 21, 2012
    1. leashedForLife
      don't know if it will help - but i tried! :)
    2. babycham2002
      Merry Christmas to you and the woofers xxx
    3. Tanya1989
      Awww. Thanks. I'm doing ok... Battling on lol ;)
    4. $hAzZa
      The film was awesome, by bf loved it of course :rolleyes::lol:
      Will do, not nice weather for many outings so won't be many xx
    5. $hAzZa
      Hey heyyyy, my photography is....at a steady pace lol saving more a canon 50D :thumbup:
      going cinema to watch resident evil at 7, would have invited you if you lived closer :(
      How have you been anywayz? xx
    6. sketch
      Aw thanks hun, Yes its Dalton's Birthday tomorrow, how lovely of you to remember hun bless ya xx
    7. Tanya1989
      yes flower. What?
    8. nic101
      yeah for now!.. shall see, but basically i will have my HND in june 11' and then not be able to complete my full degree... i'll pm you the rest.

      its anatomy and physiology level 4. :)
    9. nic101
      thanks :) glad your ok. well no she chucked me out :o luckily im staying with my fab dad :)

      photography is ok - taken a backseat at the moment as im doing a diploma and stuff thats going on at home etc....

      so no - not much better with her but i will get sorted... :)
    10. nic101
      hiya - had some time out, needed it lol! im okish, having a hard time atm to be honest but getting back on my feet now i think :)

      how are you?? :)
    11. $hAzZa
      Hmmm, you might be onto something there, will pop into local camera shop again next week and ask about prices of canvas prints ;) Wouldn't mind one of the cats hung above my bed too!

      Off to bed now, night night :) xx
    12. $hAzZa
      Don't feel foolish! Not everybody get's the knack of it quickly, it's a learning process....I just used my 15-55mm lens and set it onto macro which is used for close up shots of objects such as plants, otherwise it's a bit of a blur x
    13. $hAzZa
      Oh yeah! Didn't know it was a dandelion, thanks for saying :)
      My dad's hand was sorta in the shot too lol x
    14. $hAzZa
      Hey, my camera is awesome, looking to upgrade to a canon E0S earlier next year (possible b'day pressie ;))
      Haven't been out lately, the last pics I took where a few weeks back at the zoo (made a thread last week) will have a look atcha thread :p x
    15. Tanya1989
      Thanks xxxx :)
    16. Tanya1989
      Yeah, thanks. Doing much better emotionally now. Body is still knackered lol. But feeling much more optimistic about it all x
    17. CharleyRogan
      Pennies are a pain. They stop you doing everything and from reaching your full potential. All I did was a maths and english course, and I got 100% on Maths, and 85% on english. The maths one was so so so easy. It was like an E at gcse equivalent and I got a B! And that got me on to level 2. Mines only 3 days a week, but I really don't mind doing weekends, as the kids I'll meet will only be 17 haha so they won't even be able to go out on a night out!
    18. CharleyRogan
      Yeah I'm going on the course! Quit my job and on JSA now, so should get my course free. I have a letter to send back! I got on the Level 2 course :D So will save me time until I can qualify :D currently looking for a job to suit my hours. I want one to suit me rather than me suiting them as last job I had just basically walked all over me! Thanks for asking!! Are you doing your course this year?
    19. sid&kira
      things you need: a bike with good brakes, especially the back one, whatever size is good for you, a set of lines, an X or H back harness for Lotty, dog booties in case she cuts her feet (not needed for sibes really) and a helmet lol

      Umm, she knows all the main ones, if you can teach her 'line out' then that'd be handy, basically she goes forward until the lines are taught and then stays there, keeping the lines tight, its handy for sorting out tangles and stuff lol. If you google culpeppers they have lines with the shock absorber built in, i have those ones and they're really good :)

      And she deffo needs to know 'on by' basically means leave it and keep running lol, especially handy for when she sees a small furry or another dog :)

      Are you planning on entering any rallies??
    20. $hAzZa
      Your photos are awesome :thumbup: x
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    I love animals. An love spending time with my dogs. We are one big happy pack. We love walking with my friend and her dogs.

    Walking, horse riding, bike riding, reading.
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