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Apr 13, 2016
Dec 3, 2012
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PetForums VIP, from Kent

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Apr 13, 2016
    1. AmberNero
      Westgate on sea is looking like the best option. was looking for woods along the road between us but couldn't see any- we do go to Blean woods a fair bit but that's all the way over near us- so Westgate with its big beach is best I think :) Now just need to look up tide times! :lol:
    2. AmberNero
      what about the 24th or the 31st?
    3. AmberNero
      :) she does sound lovely- well as ong as you know mine are VERY far from perfect we'll be fine! :lol:
    4. AmberNero
      :D Hahaha, hubby bribery, I like it! and I'll keep an eye on the leads! I can bring all of mine but Shamaya might be overwhelmed? Nero is my boy- he is quite placid but I'll keep him onlead as he can get very vocal and plays rough- Amber will be a right madam for about 20 minutes but will then calm down- Pix is the best behaved!
    5. AmberNero
      We could do a Sunday soonish? Westgate on sea had a huge beach- does Ramsgate? If I came to you I'd only bring Pix unless my husband grumpy came along! I'll look at my calendar and throw some dates at you- let me know which would be best for you :D Maybe we could do a woods walk- will look to see where is good between us :) Shamaya is gorgeous by the way :)
    6. AmberNero
      Hullo, was wondering about whether you'd like to meet up sometime with the dogs? :)
    7. DogLover1981
      I love your sig. She is so cute. :001_wub:
    8. sharloid
      There are 4, so not really possible :P. I'll have a look at the others and I'll continue my search on google maps. Ta :)
    9. sharloid
      Thank you very much :).

      I know a few of those places, Norfolk park is nearby. Unfortunately their tennis courts don't have doors! I'll have a look at some of the others.

    10. shetlandlover
      Thank you for the rep hun xxx
    11. sharloid
      That would be helpful, thank you :)
    12. Dogless
      No, it's all part of the fun really, they're just big dogs to get excitable!! x
    13. Dogless
      Into my nose or head usually - split lips, black eyes...the lot :rolleyes:.
    14. Dogless
      Just because they have the hardest heads on the planet...ridgies seem to!! x
    15. Dogless
      Concrete Heads!! LCH - Little Concrete Head, BCH - Big Concrete Head!! x
    16. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Glad it helped if you havent read it yet Ive thought of two other blood tests details on the thread, thank you for the rep x
    17. SamanthaGoosey
    18. Sarah1983
      Lol, there's too much month left at the end of the money here too. It sucks. Would love a professional footballers wages for a few months! Well for life really but a few months would do :D

      Glad you've found an affordable supplier, I did look at them but wasn't sure whether they were good prices or not. I wouldn't want to go back to "dog food" either if I could help it.
    19. Sarah1983
      Thanks for the rep you already gave. You're welcome :) I know what a bloody hassle it is trying to find a supplier in another country, I got lucky and found someone in the community who feeds raw who recommended a few sites.

      Fingers crossed they're a reasonable price and you can still afford to feed raw. I find it more expensive here than in the UK but it works out at about the same as a reasonable quality dry food so it's not too bad.
    20. bluesupero
      So Is your little cutie, aren't border collies the most lovable dogs? :)
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  • About

    Hello! My name's Symone. I'm 22 years old and live in Sunny (lol!) Kent.
    I've had pets through out my whole life, however Shamaya is my first Dog. She's such a cutie. Born 06/10/12, Border collie.
    I've had 3 cats, Butzler was the first (Ran away when we moved.. mum took the neighbours cat thinking it was him! mistake was soon corrected.)
    Sofie (17 years old) Currently lives with my parents in Switzerland.
    And Meitli, died at about 1 year old. She just wasn't scared of cars and got ran over... Poor baby.
    I've also had a Hamster that was my first "proper" pet (One that I actually did the looking after for) His name was Noedel, he was 4 years old when he died. Living for a year longer than he should!

    Anything else you wish to know? Just feel free to ask!

    Dogs! Reading, Writing, Travelling (Little hard to do with my pup, now.), Playing with Shamaya.. My life literally revolves around her at the moment. I love her so much.



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