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Apr 13, 2016
Dec 3, 2012
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PetForums VIP, from Kent

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Apr 13, 2016
    1. welshjet
      Ask your doc for a referral, it and initial courses will be free, i think its for a couple of weeks as well. Do sooner rather than later as you will only put off. I put mine on from stopping smoking and a tablet called amitriptyline xxx
    2. welshjet
      Voucher in bella mag issue 7th jan to 13th jan x just check it though x
    3. welshjet
      Have you got a doctor referral, I think that its a free course for a certain amount of times, CRL can tell you a bit more about that, as thats her route. I paid a joining fee which was half price of £5.00 which is a one off payment. There are vouchers in mags i think for this offer at the moment, else its avone off payment of 10.00 then the weekly fee of 4.95 and the following week it will just be 4.95
    4. welshjet
      Ok, weigh ins are private. With our group, you go to the lass who does the book-keeping records (with our group, they are also members of the group) I give her my little plastic card and its registered against my name, and popped into a machine, it shows that I have turned up. I then pay my weekly fee of 4.95 I then go to the end of of another table which therebis one lady sat. Take shoes off and hand her my card and book. I then get on the scales. Id say most groups got the same scales, tbe actual weight reader is on the table infront of you, but it is covered round with a file so only you can see it. The weight, i think is recorded on the card, but no one can see it and she then writes your weight with hopefully a minus sign and the amount tnst you have lost. And thats it :)
    5. welshjet
      Pmsl, way too many your looking about 23 syns per 200g serving thats for the iceland one, not sure if you make it yourself though. Make sure ypu do your meal list and he can shop using that
    6. welshjet
      The key to it all really is planning. I tend to plan on a thursday, my next weeks meal checking what ive got and then shopping on friday for anything I need. OH loves the food, we tend to eat a much better and varied diet and what we eat, dont really seem like diet food that your eating, once you get into it, its really very easy and in a way, commonsense. Tomorrow, I am making our own meatballs, using extra lean pork mince, which will all be free, dried spaghetti then cooked, and making a bolognese sauce using a carton of passata, onions, mushroom , garlic, which again is all free, but I will be synning some garlic bread which is reasonably high in syns or if im wise, I will have perhaps scrambled egg for brekkie and thereby keeping my healthly extra option of my cereal or bread and then buying a wholemeal roll which will then become my healthy extra and I just syn some butter, into which ive popped some garlic -so a much lower and better result.

      Do your oh cook at all x
    7. welshjet
      Its just seasoning on pork chops, most of which are free, the wedges are free and sprayed with frylight and popping soms beans in saucepan to go with them - all free :)
    8. welshjet
      Oooh thank you and your.more than welcome x

      Its so varied, you can eat really nice food and not have to worry too much about counting calories, even a bacon double cheeseburger if you want, I kid you not, but.it needs to be done a healthy sw way :) tonight I have jerk pork chops and home made wedges with.peas
    9. Izzysmummy
      Hi, thanks for the rep! Good luck with the move! :-)
    10. Milliepoochie
      No worries :-) Hope you've had a good Xmas / New Year :-)
    11. lostbear
      Thank you for the green xxxx
    12. LinznMilly
      No probs, hun. It was very well deserved.

      I hope Shadow/George will be very happy back with his breeder.
    13. sharloid
      Awww, she's beautiful. She looks a lot like Diesel. :(
    14. Ang2
      Im not sure but will check. I hope so too x
    15. sezeelson
      That's very kind! Thank you for the rep :)
    16. AmberNero
      Ahhh the joys of joblessness! What abouuuut Tuesday 2nd?
    17. AmberNero
      thank you :) which day would suit you best?
    18. AmberNero
      Ahhh bother! I am so sorry, my friend is moving and has asked me to help- she needs OH and the car as well- is there any chance you could do a weekday from the 1st at all? would just be me coming in the week. I am so sorry to be such a flibbertygibbert!
    19. Dober
      Glad to help! :) Mine are pets at home own brand clippers. I got them for about £5 years ago and theyre falling apart, but I've never been able to find any I like as much!
    20. Dober
      Thank you :)
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  • About

    Hello! My name's Symone. I'm 22 years old and live in Sunny (lol!) Kent.
    I've had pets through out my whole life, however Shamaya is my first Dog. She's such a cutie. Born 06/10/12, Border collie.
    I've had 3 cats, Butzler was the first (Ran away when we moved.. mum took the neighbours cat thinking it was him! mistake was soon corrected.)
    Sofie (17 years old) Currently lives with my parents in Switzerland.
    And Meitli, died at about 1 year old. She just wasn't scared of cars and got ran over... Poor baby.
    I've also had a Hamster that was my first "proper" pet (One that I actually did the looking after for) His name was Noedel, he was 4 years old when he died. Living for a year longer than he should!

    Anything else you wish to know? Just feel free to ask!

    Dogs! Reading, Writing, Travelling (Little hard to do with my pup, now.), Playing with Shamaya.. My life literally revolves around her at the moment. I love her so much.



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