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Sep 25, 2008
Sep 18, 2008
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Dog Behaviourist

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PetForums Junior, from Surrey

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Sep 25, 2008
    1. shepherd mush
      shepherd mush
      hi there - noticed you created the Mals group and thought you might like my new "UK Dog Scootering" group . . .

      regards, jim
    2. Kay2008
      Hi, long time no see!

      I haven't really been on the forum since last year (and can see you haven't either!). Hope you're ok!
    3. gillieworm
      LOL, if I had the room and the money I would defo have a further 99 spotties :D
    4. canuckjill
      Lassie and Lad a Dog, always had labs as a kid always wanted shelties and collies. There was no real training that I could see, guess I prefer week by week training you know this week work on sits, next week work on heeling etc. this class didn't seem structured at all and I was just disappointed as it was the same school I went with Nova but they have changed there training methods probably work ok for some just not for me. The little sheltie is 2 yrs and she is so quick to learn she was a kennel dog got her at 9 mths only took 2 days to housetrain her, don't think she could ever be a kennel dog again. She loves to be around people and is very social for a sheltie , the bigger one he doesn't like to go to people unless you've been accepted into our house for a visit 3 times I'm sure he countsLOL. The collie she loves everyone especially kids...Jill
    5. canuckjill
      It's a rough collie not a border. She is a colour headed tri which is recognised in the US and Canada but not in the UK. But she also learns the good and the bad very fast. I find them to be a very sensitive dog and trains best with verbal praise and pets, not food or toy motivated. She passed her level 1 obedience but I don't know how or why I was very disappointed with the class this time, when I took level1 with Nova I felt like we had accomplished alot this time all I really got out of it was socialization for my dog oh well. I will just keep looking around my area for a trainer I like...Jill
    6. canuckjill
      Totally agree a Mal is'nt a wolf hybrid, but they are or can be alot of dog. I'm glad you work with yours. I would also never go out to get a wolf hybrid, This one was a special girl though, never had to worry about intruders that's for sure, but then she could also be very gentle I have a pic of her with 9 kittens crawling all over her, I was just very lucky with her and even though she died in 99 I still miss her. I am now the proud owner of 2 shelties and a bratty 10 mnth old collie..
    7. canuckjill
      Hi Steve, sorry I answered on my own visitor message area I'm still learning all this stuff. It's right you can teach an old dog new tricks but apparently it takes a little longer lol...Jill
    8. louise5031
      Haha he is actually mainly lab (all his brothers and sisters were yellow or black like labs) with some collie in! All we know about his dad though was that he was labXcollie but apparently there could be german shepherd in there somewhere down the line lol god knows, but yeah hes our beautiful baby x
    9. canuckjill
      Beautiful Mal. Hello to you both from Jill and gang
    10. louise5031
      zach is blushing!! he is coming up to 5 months now :D
    11. louise5031
      I've put some pics up of my lovely little mutt!
    12. fun4fido
      Thank for your message Steve, Harley says 'Woof' to both you and Chinook, but especially Chinook (don't take it personal) :)
    13. Kay2008
      "Easily my fav photo, that's just brilliant! Makes me wa.. wan... wanna... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

      :D... yeah talking of wanting to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it's nearly 2am! I feel pretty knackered. Been up since about 7am, if not earlier as I didn't sleep very well.

      Where are you from?
    14. Kay2008
      She is nearly 24 weeks old.

      Sorry about the pink... it can be quite hard on the eyes!!!
    15. gillieworm
      Wow Steve, Chinook is one stunning pup :)
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    Walking, sledding, and throwing a stick
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