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Feb 13, 2015
Nov 4, 2008
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Hull East Yorkshire
house person and full time Nanna lol

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PetForums Member, from Hull East Yorkshire

Sweepsmamma was last seen:
Feb 13, 2015
    1. tiddlypup
    2. scosha37
      Aww sorry to hear that petal.. dont be sad ,, rememeber the good days i know its hard 1st year always is xxx you take care xxx
    3. scosha37
      Hows you ...i seen your little grren light on...:D
    4. Sweepsmamma
      Awww Thanku Pam, Im ok love. Ive been quite busy. I dont know if you know but i have my Grandson, i have had residency of him since May of last year, long story sweetheart, both his Mum (my daughter) and his Dad are totally stupid. What with this and all the upset over William its bin hell. Thanku for thinking about me. Tc honey God love ya xx Mo xx
    5. Pamela
      Hi, Just been thinking of you and thought i would check you are ok.
      Take Care
    6. rottiesloveragdolls
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNI i did post it on sb ;) xxxx
    7. Pamela
      I am so pleased to hear that you have now got Williams ashes home with you. I know you will upset for a long time to come and if you want to cry then cry. I am thinking of you.
      Take Care
      Pamela x x
    8. Sweepsmamma
      Im a little better today sweetheart and thanku. I cried and cried yesterday. Everythings just getting to me now. Im going for my fur babys ashes some time this week. My fella said he would go but i said he could drive me. God bless ya Mo xx
    9. Pamela
      Hi, just thinking about you and wondered how you are getting on.
    10. scosha37
      Listen anytime petal....xxx
    11. Pamela
      Hi thanks for being my friend too.
    12. scosha37
    13. Sweepsmamma
      Thanku Eolabeo much love to ya!!!! Mo xx
    14. Eolabeo
      hoping ur poodle feels better soon x nothing worse then seeing ya dear pet suffer wiv some pain :(
    15. Purrrrfect
      Stopping by to say Hello! :D
    16. Sweepsmamma
      I was looking at your fur babies this morn, just love em!!! Have you still got poodles? xx
    17. JANICE199
      Hi ya,
      Thankyou for the friend request..
    18. Ladywiccana
      Hiya Cud be better huni but thanks for the thought :D
    19. biggibear
      Thanks for adding me Lou
    20. Sweepsmamma
      Im fne love very busy looking after my Grandson Logan, he's getting to be a real handful and i dont seem tobe able to do anything right for him at the moment. Hugs Mo xx
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    Hull East Yorkshire
    house person and full time Nanna lol
    Im a Mum of two girls well 3 actually Kimberly (i lost her to meningitis at the age of 3 1/2, which nearly killed me) she would have been 38yrs old, Gemma who is 32yrs old and the baby is Araminta (Minty for short) shes 18yrs old. I now have my 13mnths old Grandson Logan John, whom i love with all my heart and Debbie Leigh, one of Mintys friends who i took in cos her life was hell at home. Im Mummy to 4 fur babies, Holly whose 11yrs, Jody, 7yrs, Bruno 7yrs and our new baby Ruga whose 5yrs.
    Recently lost Tinka, she would have been 20yrs old in December and lost the love of my life nearly 3yrs ago my darling Sweep he was nearly 16yrs old when i had to let him go to Rainbow Bridge.Love and hugs to all xx Mo

    Reading, computer games, animals, my man Trevor lol. cooking


    Love and hugs Maureen aka Sweepsmamma xx Loving my two boys forever forgetting them never {{{{{{ Sweep and William }}}}}} xx
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