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Nov 24, 2012
Oct 29, 2011
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PetForums Senior, from Bristol

swatton42 was last seen:
Nov 24, 2012
    1. Lunabuma
      You are a winner! :) Caption competition #19 is over to you.
    2. Kat1703
      Hello!! Well done! That is excellent news! Am about halfway through my module - had a few family problems which distracted me over the last week - planning to get back on it soon!
    3. Silence
      Hi, thank you very much. But I am in Leicester, and I depend on a friend for transport, so I think it would be a bit too far away. I would love to rehome your chinchilla, I just have no chance of getting there. :(
    4. Kat1703
      Yeah I can't do any tonight as am out - remembered I have a life as well ha ha. Liking the tea break idea! Really enjoying it - just wish I didn't have my job getting in the way so I could dedicate more time to learning about things I'm actually interested in!
    5. Kat1703
      Yeah, really good! Have done the first five module questions, which I think is a good start - finding it so interesting :) How's yours going?
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    Hi all! :D

    I'm Alex and I support, volunteer and foster for Yate Small Animal Foster and Rehome. I've grown up around animals and was pretty much born into scouting so working with children is another massive passion of mine. Eventually I would like to start working in pet therapy for disabled children.

    Animals, scouting and being outdoors


    Adopted by:

    Ginge - Abby guinea piggy
    Bubbles - English crested piggy
    Mackenzie - English crested piggy
    Skit - Standard (but cute) piggy
    Max - Ragdoll x cat
    The Rainbow Fish
    Rest in peace my lovely furfamily that are no longer with us.
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