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Aug 3, 2016
Apr 24, 2010
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By the sea
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Aug 3, 2016
    1. DKDREAM
      I dont own Labs and I can see why! their is just something about him, he is special! I wish you and him many many happy years together! hes a stunner.
    2. DKDREAM
      Love the pup
    3. Spellweaver
      Thanks for the rep hun xx :)
    4. Taylorbaby
      thanks for all your help, you have stunning dogs! :)
    5. CheekoAndCo
      I would ignore them! The person who said 'She's graduated so what' clearly doesn't understand how it must feel to be told your daughter wouldn't beable to do nothing then have that happen. I'm sure your dad is watching down very proudly xx
    6. newfiesmum
      No problem. She's done great x
    7. shetlandlover
      I should be thankful that I would have pup worth £700. :| x
    8. shetlandlover
    9. Devil-Dogz
      Thanks for the rep - it gets worse! :rolleyes:
    10. rocco33
      Thanks for the rep - I tried to rep you but it says I have to put it about a bit first ;)

      On reflection - I think you have a very good point. God help them if any of the other puppies need rehoming again - I wonder if they will take them back?!!
      Just had a look and sadly the poor dad is on his 3rd home - having been previously rehomed with the OP's sister, so hope they don't pass on their dogs so quickly.
    11. Kinjilabs
      Blimey the connection is a long way for you!
      Its my "local" show place, tis only 20mins from me.
      Ill see if I can get there new years day, just depends on the night before.

      Just let me know nearer the date if you are going.
    12. Kinjilabs
      Ok Ill put them with the others.

      Are you at LKA?
    13. Kinjilabs
      Ive sorted those year books out, also theres 4 Joan Mc can hips score record books, do you want those too?
    14. newfiesmum
      Thank you for the rep. sorry it takes a while for my brain to catch up to what has happened.
    15. crazycrest
      Absolutely.....And rightly so :0)
    16. crazycrest
      You're welcome, would happily give more for your answers on that thread x
    17. Devil-Dogz
      Thats that settled then you shall see how he does first ;) If push comes to shove you could always make am emergancy visit to the stud LOL - But you will be fine, promise :)
      It all a great experience, and you will learn along the way. :D
    18. Devil-Dogz
      not a problem - I am not much help, but posted anyway as didnt wanna read and run :p
      no you cant chicken out, its an order :D
    19. billyboysmammy
      Can you imagine the size of the booklet that would need to be handed out to every prospective puppy buyer? The book of the bitch would have nothing on it! Plus the out of date copies every time a new test is developed!

      I think it would be simpler to have a call centre lol, dial 1 for airdales, dial 2 for akitas dial 371 for Xoloitzcuintle ;).

      Thats assuming the average puppy buyer gives a toss though. Most assume they dont need KC reg because its JUST a pet, let alone thinking about health tests :(
    20. billyboysmammy
      Yep, I admit i was in the extreem (must health test its all about the numbers) group. I'm still in the must health test group, but i do understand that with things like hip scoring etc its not just about breeding from dogs with below breed average totals. Ive now come to understand that its not about just breeding from DNA clear parents, sometimes carriers should be used, providing the knowledge and research is there so no affected dogs are ever produced. I think i'm getting there, slowly but surely! xxx
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