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Jun 17, 2009
Jun 9, 2009
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Jun 17, 2009
    1. mistymilo
      Hi all my border collies are fine with one another and are one big pack :)
    2. Matrix/Logan
      Just being honest!!! And telling it how it is my dear. There are many ways to research things such as these before forim chat, read up then ask your questions when you have a lot more knowledge in general! You should be reading up online and in books before asking strange questions that give the impression you don't know a lot then people wouldn't have a go!!!
    3. XxNaomixX
      Thank you! I'll try these tips :)
    4. hobo99
      Hi Suzanne , I am Suzanne as well. :yikes:
      Ginny is the white parsons terrier and she is 7yrs old, and Hobo is is a staffyx (mum a staffy dad ? and is 1yr old next sunday, they are rescue,s , ginny is a stubburn little bitch very hard work,:rolleyes: Hobo is a gem and doing his training very well. :thumbup1: Suzanne :D
    5. Poppy09
      Hiya, We live in Poole
    6. hobo99
      Thanks , they are great fun , but can be little monsters ! suz x
    7. paddyjulie
      must sort out my pic , sick of it just being question mark , but all my pics come up to big...lol
    8. paddyjulie
      Hope you get sorted with your pups it must be breaking your heart having to let them go

    9. crazybones
      your doing the ryt thing then honestly if i didnt did to find the money to move in less than 3 weeks i wud love to i swear
    10. LostGirl
      Cant pm you back hun, will chat with OH as zeb is only 6months old and i know he'd prefer him to be older but i'll see what he says.x
    11. Badger's Mum
      Badger's Mum
      oh hope you find someone nice for them
    12. kerrybramble
      thats ok! give yourself a break, you are giving them a chance to have a lovely home, some people just drag them through whatever circumstances occur! and im sure you will have plenty of brilliant homes for them to as they are gorgeous! wish i could have one but we got pups on the way lol! hope you are ok x
    13. DKDREAM
      I was just thinking of you thats all its very sad. hope they all find homes and sorry your in that situation feel free to PM me if you need a chat i dont bite x
    14. peppapug
      Hello, thanks for your message. Peppa is lovely and now we have the two, double pug love!!! They are a bit of a marmite taste, you either love em or hate em!!
    15. SpringerHusky
      Thank you, your pup is very cute :)
    16. Pamela
      Thank you. Holly is 17 months old now and she is a little angel. We lost our last Yorkie 4 yrs ago age 16yrs. but she was 3 times the size of Holly.
    17. mollyismyworld
      Hi, she was 2 years old in January...seems like yesterday when we brought her home!
      How old are yours?? xx
    18. Luvdogs
      I bet you have your hands full!! LOL...:) We have Archie "Ginger dog" a Vizsla, and 2 Labs :) they are great fun.
      Your dogs are beautiful colours :)
    19. mollyismyworld
      Thank you very much....looks like u have a cute dog there yourself. xx
    20. Luvdogs
      Thank you :) she you she is 5, she is a madam!!! LOL
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