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May 22, 2014
Aug 23, 2011
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Lady of leisure

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PetForums VIP, from Manchester

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May 22, 2014
    1. Superash
      cannot believe what i have just seen on pets4homes website !! someone is advertising staffy cross cavalier king charles spaniel puppies why??? is there any need to cross these two types of totally different breeds ??? and they are askin 800 quid per pup!!! makes my blood boil it really does !!!
    2. welshjet
      Not stalking honest, but that last intro seemed a bit random with weightlifting :D
    3. westie~ma
      I've approved it for you x
    4. kep127
      Hi Superash,
      I was wondering if you could help me with a petition I've created and since I am new to this forum posting and blogging, you might be able to point me in the right direction where to post more accuratley? I have tired to poast this in a few forums so far but don't seem to have any luck :-/ The petition link is: Helping the defenseless! - e-petitions and is for tougher sentencing for animal abuse. Any help would be greatly appreciated. K

      Thank you
    5. catlover0581
      my pleasure - you make me smile :) x
    6. peanut651
      Lol I could go on all night. Got quite a few tough ones but will bore people to death :P
    7. katie200
      awww thanks for the rep :)
    8. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep, he's a kinda special guy.
    9. Superash
      Hehehehe nice one !!!!! Very funny!!!
    10. xxwelshcrazyxx
      dont let your daughter see this one, but take a look at this link it is hilarious, you may of already seen it though lolol there is two parts to this one.
      I want my change back extended version!!! - YouTube
    11. xxwelshcrazyxx
      Piss My Self Laughing.....................ha ha ha ha
    12. xxwelshcrazyxx
      Read the BEAVER on pmsl.
    13. DT
      I hope I havn't upset you on the muzzle thread! tbh I never read other posts when quoting cats1, have just been back and re read and agree some folk have not been nice!
      Ignore em!
    14. westie~ma
      Hiya, can you let me know the username that spammed you (horse website)?
      Nic xx
    15. Superash
      Thanks I love them to death my eldest one is a rescue and is 14 now the other one is 3 but the old one is struggling with he's back legs my bitch is so beautiful I did want to breed her I had a stunning stud for her but she developed pyometra so she was spayed which is a same coz the puppies would have been gorgeous but. It wasn't to be. Thanks for your message. Ashley
    16. Zaros
      GSD's aren't what I would call everyday Dogs. They're certainly not boring creatures and most are quite happy to wander the world with you and still beat you over the horizon.
      I had a GSD many years ago and he was absolutely tireless. Always curious. Always learning. Great Dogs
    17. Zaros
      Thank you very much indeed. They are quite amazing creatures all being told and as we keep them as pets they are incredibly hard work but we do enjoy our time with them.
      Despite the myths they are just as much fun as any other Dog.
      Both Zara and Oscar are two years olds plus. Zara being two months older than Oscar.
      Understandably, Oscar being male, is much the larger Dog than zara and he outweighs her 55/60 kilos by approximately 20 kilos. Obviously he's much taller too and stands 76cm at the shoulder whereas Zara stands approx 62cm.

    18. petforum
      Hi, the red dot means you have set yourself to invisible on the forum, so other members cant see if you are online or not.
    19. Superash
      [/B I know there is one that cannot keep her gob shut but she thinks she's such an authority she makes make blood boil! I only have 2 Moggies and 3 dogs but I've had animals all my life and I know some people have to rehome them due to circumstances but not on this forum!!! Pet comes b4 anyone else including kids don't get mr wrong I love my animals but some people take it a bit far!
    20. Superash
      your welcome half the people on here are really up their own backsides especially cat owners funnily enough! But some are really nice all the best x
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    Lady of leisure
    2 dogs 2 cats. 3 beautiful daughters. Garden full of resident sparrows.

    All animals especially my dysfunctional dogs.puzzling books and competions.
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