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Dec 18, 2013
Aug 29, 2008
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data entry clerk

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PetForums VIP, from southampton

sullivan was last seen:
Dec 18, 2013
    1. moggiemum
      hi i just wanted to say how lovely your pics are , you are very lucky you have a beautiful family , best wishes , thanks for sharing

      edit ; so so sorry i just read in the bsh thread that you had just lost your dog,
      getting another pet can be very healing ,big hugs and best wishes o you and family
    2. sullivan
      May help you to have a look on geckos unlimited your prob have to resgister but its free. There really helpful and geared up for all gecko aspects....to be fair i only know a certain amount on them...and a lot of info ive got from forums. And books. sorry cnt help more . check on what substrate your gecko should be on as some can cause blockage . Hope it helps. x
    3. Deleney

      I wonder if you can help me.

      I have an 18 month old female leopard gecko who is not eating anything! Been a couple of weeks and have tried various alternatives but still nothing.

      She hardly comes out of her hide and when she does she is very slow. She is shedding once every 2 weeks at the moment too which is rare for her.

      My male gecko died of same things last year, exactly this time of year! Could this be weather related. Temp during the day is 86 and humidity is 50 at the moment.

      Can you help or know of someone who can. Our local reptile vet proved to be useless but expensive last year and don't want the same expense and results!


      Deleney Brown
    4. MurphyMoo
      hello mummy :) how have you been? x
    5. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Glad you have seem some improvement, its very hard going sometimes when they get to old age, I had plenty of sleep depravation with mu old Bella, so I know what its like!!
    6. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      The ones in my sig pic left to right are a Mal, a sibe, and a mal sibe cross.
      In my album, they are a mixture of 2 other previous sibes I had and a Samoyed.
      All of them were rescues except for the Mal.
    7. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Your very welcome and thank you for the rep.
    8. vicscilly
      her last session was back in august, its only one nipple its quite hard or red or anything its just looks like somthing is in it. And there is no milk being produced. I am taking her to vet this afternoon just to be on the safe side
    9. Midnight
      Comments - Graphics[/img]
      Hi Hun hope all is ok with you just popped by to say Hi xx
    10. DKDREAM
      Night Night xxx
    11. DKDREAM
      i wont be breeding till she at least 2.5 year old so you dont need to worry. :)
    12. DKDREAM
      Thanks for the comment on Pip, Tilly looks like him but has a white tip on her ear.
    13. DKDREAM
      we are north east but have a car so could drive to you, they will be KC reg Tilly is only 5 month at the mo. I havent added her pics yet.
    14. DKDREAM
      we are going to breed paps eventually. They are very loving and like you say an ideal size. With Dream it was an awful shock, I felt a small lump in his belly and took him to the vet they opened him up it was cancer that had spread all over his body. Oh hope your daughters legs will be ok I remember having many ops on mine.
    15. DKDREAM
      It was horrible, he was a baby at just 2 years old. Its not that bad here, its great having the paps, we have fallen in love with the breed totally. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter I hope she is getting better.
    16. DKDREAM
      Hi Teresa

      Im keeping great thanks, we have 3 Papillons now aswell as our other pets, Dont know if you know though we lost Dream last year to cancer, that was the sadest day of my life.
    17. crazybones
      i was thinking why hasn't she got bk to me but it turns out you've replied on your on page lol............ just hang in there all will return to normal well define normal i always say but it will get a bit easier eventually ay lol
    18. sullivan
      hi am keeping well busy this end with daughters op in a wheel chair for a few more weeks yet. Having to walk dog in eve and very early at the mo he doesnt like the heat and am stuck in in the day at the mo. Cabin fever has set in. haha. Hope your well your end. We lost one of our old giunea pigs last week she was very old just have the male left bless him. But hes to old now to get another for company and he looks a bit rough lately showing his age bless him. Trust the dogs are well . Speak soon Teresa.
    19. crazybones
      so then how are you??? its been a ong time since we last spoke??
    20. bug
      i ya,

      Sorry, i didnt know you had replied, i hadnt seen the notifications. Perhaps they dont come through for visitor messages, ah well, shall remember to have to check!

      Unfortunately i am not on facebook, well, i do have an account but i dont use it,too confusing and too much email comes through. I use MSN, do you?

      Hope you had a nice holiday? Glad nicer weather is here now.

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