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Oct 31, 2009
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February 14

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    1. metame
      for you :D

    2. Goblin
      Ask away, as and when. The two main methods of "informing" a blind dog where they are, are scent and texture. Neither of which we have needed to use. It may be harder with a dog which has gone blind at an older age. I will say we have only had Benny for 4 weeks but he settled down within a couple of days.
    3. MoggyBaby
      Sorry gorgeous, totally unintentional. Didn't realise you had posted.............. :( Duly 'liked' and a greenie too to say sorry. :D :D :D :D
    4. colliemerles
      HaPpY BiRtHdAy
    5. danielled
      Happy birthday. I can see where th confusion is. There is a Danielle with a birthday but it's not me. I looked on the calendar.
    6. danielled
      It's not my birthday bu can see where the confusion is.
    7. cheekyscrip
      all well sugar..
      by the way..I posted my ugly mug on photo hread..so if you like to see wht middle age looks like without the make up...but if may spoil your lunch.....by the way..just some random hug...
    8. cheekyscrip
      hi babe...;)
    9. cheekyscrip
      silly moo are you ok?..you replied on your own wall...I am ok..some bits of tension here ..but the worst over....been thinking how you are..xx
    10. suewhite
      Hiya,I'm Ok! hows you?I havent been posting much lately been in a lurking mood :D
    11. cheekyscrip
      hi..just to say how are you?
    12. suewhite
      :biggrin::biggrin:I thought it was you had a set to with someone it was there when I went to bed got up and its gone,WL from now on I am only doing posts about fluffy clouds, lately cant have a debate on PF alot of mine get moved:rolleyes:Suexxx
    13. Waterlily
      lol what did I miss with your thread ? how come its gone
    14. peanut651
      lol cheers. You should be able to get it fixed sooner then since you already have a policy with them. They are pretty good and saved me from digging too far into the wallet many times
    15. peanut651
      hey, Get some Domestic and general insurance on your tv. after the first payment get them to fix it. they will do it no problem...only downside is you have to wait a month for the first payment but on the plus side you will have your TV fixed for about 3quid :) handy to keep it running aswell and if you add more onto the policy they give you a pretty good deal.
    16. danielled
      Merry Christmas.
    17. SixStar
      He seems to be ok, no sickness since we saw the vet! Thanks for asking :) x
    18. bigdaddy
      it as on the 12th of dec lol i dont check regular lol
    19. bigdaddy
      thanks for the rep
    20. danielled
      well you have to not lean on the Walls as they don't move. the floor goes up and down bit in order for it to do anything a member if staff unlocks the lift door you go in eith the staff member or you do at ordsall hall anyway, get told not to lean on the Walls as they go nowhere staff member presses a but and your onyour way but let go off that button and you stop between floors til it is held down again. not nice at all.
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    February 14



    My Harry and Dolly rescued from a Puppy Farm:001_wub:
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