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Oct 31, 2009
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February 14

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    1. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      thank you for the 'like'
    2. suewhite
      You was on my jolly old friends list and you disappeared did you throw me off.
    3. metame
      oh ok, seen s you asked nicely i'll be your friend ;)

      seriously, thanks for the friend request
    4. danielled
      I'm good though would like a date to go in hospital to have my gallbladder removed.
    5. danielled
      How are you today.
    6. Petnickety
      Hi sue w,

      New to forums altogether. Just can't believe how your posting "can't stop crying" developed. Hope you OK now.
      Seems I have to make 25 postings before I can use the forum properly. Difficult to understand it all so I am taking a "do it and see" approach.
    7. danielled
      Oh I've been around on here. Yeah that day was interesting. Let's see what happens on my actual birthday. I'm ok just getting over a bad gsllbladder attack.
    8. suewhite
      I remember that Dan they all thought that was you in feb,not seen much of you on PF lately are you OK.xx
    9. danielled
      My real birthday is next week. Let's hope people don't say thought it was in february lol.
    10. suewhite
      Hi,Glad you managed to get one how long have you had him?I would give him time to settle he may be used to roosting early evening so would puff up,mine look as if they have doubled there size when they roost like big round powder puffs,if he has sung dont think there is much wrong but you can get bird tonic from pet shops but I'd give him time to settle.How old is he?Suexx
    11. Derby411
      Hey ya Sue. Managed to get a male canary, his blue. Though could you tell me what I can do to perk him up. Since I have had him he has sung a bit but by the evening looks a little under the weather (slit eyes and puffs up).. I should think its the change of home and journey home has taken it out of him.. are there any tonics or things i can give him other than keeping him warm & quiet to help him?
      Thanks :D
    12. Derby411
      Hey ya.. thanks Sue.. no not after breeding just a male canary.. hehe. I'll have a word with a pet shop by my mum and see if they can do that. :) Much appreciated :) x
    13. suewhite
      Hiya,Really unless they have heard them sing there cant be a guarantee you'll get a male mine start to sing at 8 months onwards,I have bred them so long that if I stare at my babies I can usually tell which they are (but do get it wrong)think if I was you I would go for a year old usually easy to get as breeders only seem to hang onto the hens,you could ask the Pet shop to get you a male from the breeder they use for the babies or you could end up with another hen,are you hoping to breed them?
    14. Derby411
      Hey sue
      If i have found a place that sells canaries and they say they are young.. is there an age by which the males should be singing? Only other thing i can do is visit another shop i know, and buy a 100% male but not be sure of his age!? Can i have your advice? :D
    15. danielled
      Tummy has behaved itself fo a good few weeks but got gallbladder pain.
    16. suewhite
      Hiya Dan, suns out so I am feeling happy today,hows you are you better now you were proper poorly awhile back hope the pain has gone now.Suexx
    17. danielled
      How's you today.
    18. dorrit
      Thanks for the rep for Mrs Angry.. sometimes feel like Im banging my head agaisnt a brick wall
    19. suewhite
      Hi,Sounds like they are ready to breed again the hen should be making a nest again or using the old one,yes he will feed her.Have you taken the chicks out as they need to be moved out or the parents could attack them if they get in there way.I only let mine breed twice as it is to much for the hen she will just keep breeding until she goes into a moult which wont be until September.I have 56 of the little beasts and males can be so aggressive if left together.If I can help anytime just ask.Sue:smile5:
    20. VulcanXH558
      hi there sue im new to pet forums and to canary breeding and keeping i have had two chicks out of 3 hatch end of january and are doing very well indeed i did not get to see the cock and hen mate for them chicks just wanted to know what there behaviour is like prior to them breeding or whilst they are in breeding mode.Do they hover over each other and chase each other around there cage and also will the Cock bird feed the Hen bird prior to courting and breeding and vice versa?
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    February 14



    My Harry and Dolly rescued from a Puppy Farm:001_wub:
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