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Oct 31, 2009
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February 14

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    1. welshjet
      Still cant :( will keep trying
    2. simplysardonic
      Thanks for the rep my lovely :) xx
    3. suzy93074
      Thanks hun xxxxxx
    4. welshjet
      Oooh, that sounds painful, keep a check on it, if it gets worse go and see about it xxx

      You are a star though with your posts - keep them going xx
    5. MoggyBaby
      Thank you for the reminder babes although I think 'Im indoors has already set the Sky box to record - just to be on the safe side!!!! :) We're looking forward to it.

      How are you this morning? Has the swelling on your knee gone down some? I hope you are ok, the shock of these things can kick in a few hours later.

      Big hugs babes. xxx
    6. welshjet
      Thank you, and luv ya too x

      Hows that knee this morning?.

      I gotta say though when you said you fell and saw the word veg, the first thing i thought of was spuds pmsl
    7. danielled
      How are you.
    8. danielled
      How are you.
    9. Bagrat
      Thanks for the rep Sue. Only just found it while messing about on my profile!!
    10. suzy93074
      Thanx for my bday thread sue :-) xxx
    11. LexiLou2
      Thank you for the rep xx
    12. Derby411
      Hi Sue.. need your help.. we are losing 'seemly healthy' canaries over night here!? I have lost two canaries now and treating another with Tylan. We also lost a finch in a seperate cage. They are all ok chirping and eating and drinking and the next day dead :(((
      The one being treated 'looked' ill and went to the vets and stayed two days with tylan injections and now home and being treated a little longer and seems to be improving..
      Going to send my last loss to vets for autotopsy.. have you ever had this???
      email is [email protected] would like to know your thoughts!
    13. danielled
      I'm great no pain now. I can eat everything I couldn't eat before.
    14. danielled
      How are you.
    15. suewhite
      When you go into safe mode have you got a choice of what you want to do?it should say on one of the choices repair or similiar,safe mod is for sorting out problems.If there is repair or restore click up to that.If not you might have to try f8 key to get it
    16. willa
      How do i do a system restore ?
    17. emmaviolet
      Thats like me and RC's.
      I just can't get over people, getting rid of a loyal 10 year old dog for a puppy and an ill one at that!!
      At least she is in a well loved home and has the love she deserves! The cruelty people show to animals is something i can never understand, especially those that you have shared a life with.
    18. emmaviolet
      Thanks for the rep and the lovely comments about alfie!
      Your sheltie looks beautiful too.
    19. danielled
      How are you.
    20. suewhite
      Your welcome xxx
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    February 14



    My Harry and Dolly rescued from a Puppy Farm:001_wub:
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