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Oct 31, 2009
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February 14

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    1. DoubleTrouble
      Don't worry about it mate! Moan away!
    2. suewhite
      Hi Val,Thanks Ben is nearly 13years now:eek:and the smaller one is a sheltie x rough collie she was a foster dog we had, but my OH fell in love with her she"s 12years,I"ve always had Border Collies love em but they are hard work arent they?I"ve been on the forum for ages and still cant put photos up people have tried to help but cant do it even went to photo bucket and could"nt gets me so mad.Suexx
    3. valerie samantha
      valerie samantha
      hello sue i just wanted so say how lovely ur collies look even tho i can only see that small pic of them, i have a collie 2 called marley, i use to have a blue merle which fro the pic is what u have again they r so lovely and hi again from valx
    4. suewhite
      Hiya,To be honest it was quite difficult but here goes,we sunk the pond into the floor of the greenhouse in the winter all the glass is covered with polystrene sheets to keep the warmth in,in November we put a small pond heater in Ebay £10,she has a uv light fixed up for basking which is on 8 hours a day and eats the electric the uv light costs £70 and bulb last one winter,the pond is full of plants which grow all year,we put her out in spring at first to get her used to it,they can live outside if you can give them a deep pond with mud in the bottom to hybernate in but that would have to be done in the spring the RSPCA in Aylsebury have loads living in a pond outside.I would say to do what we did cost about £350 to set up and now in winter costs about £30 a month in electric:eek: Suexx
    5. kelseye
      bit random but have you got a picture of your full set up for your terrapin as we are going to put ours out doors and was woundering how to do it.we know all the stuff we need to get but was just woundering how you did yours? thanks :)
    6. danielled
      I'm freezing today lol might have to put a fleece on.
    7. suewhite
      Hiya having a great day everyones gone out so got the whole day to myself with the dogs,been on ebay and spent to much Suexx
    8. danielled
      Hows ou today.
    9. danielled
      Hiya hows you tashi is teaching me welsh. I just got had by the game snake on here but did beat my score lol.
    10. GillyR
      Hello lovely,

      How are you? not seen you around much.....hope you are ok hun xxx
    11. suewhite
      Thanks thats really nice of you I live in hertfordshire but am going to phone the court to see if I can get out of it someone said if they have enough jurors they might excuse me from going worth a try.Think we live miles apart but thanks Suexxx
    12. dobermummy
      where abouts do you live? if you are close enough to me i would happily come and take your dogs out a few times a day for you.

    13. dobermummy
      hey, please dont stop posting coz of that idiot, i joined that post and told him exactly like some others did. i think your posts are brilliant and alwys make sure i read things you put

    14. dexter
      if i can help anytime with RC don't hesitate to contact me. xx
    15. GillyR
      lol - sorry hun, face book?
    16. GillyR
      Hi Sue
      Are you on f/b?
    17. GillyR
      bless her -she is lucky to have you xx
    18. suewhite
      Hi Gilly thanks for asking a bit ashamed of myself really as I let her feed from a plastic place mat put the food on her plate but she just stares at it tip it on the place mat and she woofs it up,my hubby has fallen in love with her so wont be a problem because he says "she not going anywhere this is her home" Suex
    19. GillyR
      Hello Sue
      How is the feeding going? how is she doing?
    20. GillyR
      Thanks for the add, let me know how the feeding is going, poor little mite xx i take my hat off to you.
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    February 14



    My Harry and Dolly rescued from a Puppy Farm:001_wub:
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