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Nov 4, 2019
Mar 10, 2010
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Jan 15, 1985 (Age: 37)
Chilly Cornwall

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PetForums VIP, 37, from Chilly Cornwall

sue&harvey was last seen:
Nov 4, 2019
    1. JollyAwesomePetTags
      When will I be able to post in the Dog Classified section? It has been several days since I registered.


    2. sasha5b
      just joined dont know what to do written about my dog dont know if i have done it right can you help sasha5b i became your friend is that ok just need help
    3. adp
      Hi. I have recently registered on this forum, and I have tried to post a topic, but the topic is still awaiting moderator approval. I submitted this topic yesterday. Could you please find out what is the delay? thanks, andy
    4. sainty43

      I started a thread on Wednesday, and had to have it approved. Not a problem.

      However I have since posted 2 more messages in reply to this thread, and neither of these have been approved for OVER 48 HOURS!

      I understand the need to approve messages from new members, but it's madness expecting us to have to wait over 48 hours! I even sent a message to site moderator but no reply. I am now messaging this to all 8 moderators in the vain hope something can be done and my message be posted.

    5. Mum2Heidi
      We're doing well. Chemo cancelled for today, he's picked up a cold. Bit of a shame but he will be able to enjoy Christmas a bit more.

      Hope you all have a lovely time xx
    6. Mum2Heidi
      Wow, sounds like you're life's def taken a big step forward.. Great to hear things are working out so well for you.
      Gra been fighting lung cancer since April so things are a bit bleurgh here x
    7. Mum2Heidi
      Hi there. Not great here - how are you doing. Havent heard from you in ages? x
    8. Chloe Skinner
      Chloe Skinner
      Hi Sue,

      I have been in contact with Tashi about Golden Lovely Retreivers, and she mentioned that your bracken was from her, and I was wondering if I could ask you about him, and how life has been with him? As in, what is his temperament like, how much do you need to walk him (on an average day), how was he to train, how big is he? and anything else you can think of?

      Thanks so much
    9. x PIXIE x
      x PIXIE x
      Can i announce your wedding? xxx on here?
    10. x PIXIE x
      x PIXIE x
      Hey you!
    11. x PIXIE x
      x PIXIE x
      1 i failed...
      2 i failed...

      duh! :rolleyes: ;)
    12. x PIXIE x
      x PIXIE x
      Im on my holibobs at the moment! got driving test no 3 next week. im gonna be one of them maureens lol :lol: xxx
    13. x PIXIE x
      x PIXIE x
      i will PM it!
      how are you both? split with trev he couldnt keep his hands to himself :D
    14. GemmaRSPCA
      Hi there, my name's Gemma and I'm the Digital Communications Officer for the RSPCA. I'm going to be posting on this forum on behalf of the RSPCA, but I'm not going to be selling anything or advertising anything! I just want to chat to people and answer any of their questions, so I wanted to check that was OK with you?

    15. MominsMummy
    16. Nat28
      Hi just wanted to say thanks for the great post on SA. Im nearly pulling my hair out with my pup and your info is really helpful :)
    17. colliemerles
      HaPpY BirThDaY
    18. xxwelshcrazyxx
      Mod needed on general by chinaya
    19. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      that's not too naughty is it? :D xxx
    20. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      it was actually 16:59 when you posted that but I'm not going to be too fussy :p

      would you rather talk pussy? :D
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    Jan 15, 1985 (Age: 37)
    Chilly Cornwall




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