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Jun 1, 2015
Apr 5, 2012
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Jun 1, 2015
    1. SusieRainbow
      Hi kAtie. It was lovely to see you and Betty too, we really enjoyed the walk and I was very pleased with how it went. The Harness is from a site called 'doggie games', I think it's an Ezy-dog or similar, but Tango has got a sore area on one of her elbows so it's not perfect. I'm leaving it off for a bit but will try again when she's healed.
      Size 2 Fleece Lined Dog and Cat Harness
      I'll give you the link, you can have a look.
      Look forward to seeing you and Betty soon - she's so sweet ! XX
    2. Milliepoochie
      Thank You - I know we have spoken a fair bit and I know you wouldnt of meant it in the way it could be interperated. There's is something very wrong with this forum when people recieved PM's of support but people are to scared to post. I know Emma and she is the most wonderful loving dog owner and the comments made about her in recent threads are frankly disgusting and I can see 100% why she could relate personally to your thread. Thank You for understanding why I reported the thread. x
    3. Milliepoochie
      I was then replying to your thread which has been closed - Sorry I was one whom reported it. What I was going to write was:

      I cant help but feel the timing of the thread isnt ideal considering that people were openly accussing EmmaViolet of being a 'Bully' in a now closed thread.

      Sorry I know it was meant out of overall good but this is certainly not how it feels to some.

      As I said it is sad when people are not able to say what they feel about threads or situations for fear of being accussed of something.

      Ive learnt alot about PF in the last few weeks. :frown2:
    4. Orson
      Hi Thanks for getting back to me...was going to order at the end of the month im currently feeding mine Basils Raw so just waiting for that to finish.
    5. jbw54

      there's 5 yrs between max and bailey this reason is because i had harvey and bailey first - only 18 mths between them - unfortunatley i lost harvey to IDD at 7 yrs old. bailey really suffered about this so i got max. now while they do get on really well no aggression at all between them max is very playful while bailey likes to snuggle up. now some people would say its the different breeds longs are more laidback, could be true. anyhow i decided that when max is 2 (jan) i would have another nearer to his age max is past the puppy stage and he can help a pup along. now with my daughter's two there is only 1 yrs between them and while she finds they are good friends (half brothers) it is hard work training in effect two pups. i find when she brings hers to see me they - more so the younger one - follows bailey and copies him.

      whereabouts are you? i would try kennel club assured breeders but its one long period of crazyness when you have these guys.

    6. jbw54

      just added my name to the waiting list for a choc & tan they are great fun when they are all together when my daughter brings her two to visit its a mad house dogs running and chasing each other you have to just sit on the chair with your feet up until they calm down. how long have you had Betty and how old is she
    7. jbw54
      nice to see another mini dachshund mum on the forum, i've b & t smooth and a long and hoping to get a choc & tan after the year. my daughter also has two b & t's great little dogs
    8. FLYNNSMUM83
      Hiya just seen your posts. We also have a Daschund not sure he will be as miniuature as they suggested but that is not a problem. He is exactly the same when it comes to walks is fully house trained with nearly no accidents but refuses to go outside. He is 14 weeks now someone route they should be outside on a lead for 5 minutes for every 4 weeks of there lives so really a 20minute walk is not too bad i just got to convince Flynn that now ;)
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    Miniature Dachshund

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