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Nov 13, 2009
Apr 11, 2009
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Near North Walsham, Norfolk
Siamese and Oriental cat breeder

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PetForums Junior, from Near North Walsham, Norfolk

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Nov 13, 2009
    1. Acacia86
      Hi there!! I have always wanted a Siamese (amongst others!) but Siams stick in head lol!! Your cats are gorgeous. I have 4 moggies!! I love to bits xx
    2. spid
      hi love the website - I'm new to breeding too - just got my prefix Finesthour and we are due our first kittens in 5 weeks. So excited.
    3. lymorelynn
      Hi. I've just had a look at your website and love the picture on your home page! Congratlations on your first litter
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    Home Page:
    Near North Walsham, Norfolk
    Siamese and Oriental cat breeder
    After I broke my back in a horse riding accident I had to give up work as a Fitness Instructor and Nutritionist. However, there is always a 'bright side', and I now have lots of time to dedicate myself to my other passion - my siamese cats. Last year a became a GCCF registered breeder, and, with the help of friends and mentors, have just had the joy of raising my first litter!

    Apart from this, I live with my lovely husband Bill and my two children aged 4 and 11. We live in a lovely rural area of North Norfolk.

    If anyone wants to read more about us and our cats please have a look at our website, which I have just put the finishing touches to (http://www.stiltskinsiamese.org).

    Apart from the cats, I also enjoy art and literature, and still love horses despite my accident. I am interested in the Parelli horse training system.


    Please visit my new website - http://www.stiltskinsiamese.org
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