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May 10, 2015
Oct 12, 2013
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Jan 8, 1970 (Age: 50)
Luton, England but born and bred in Scotland
Ex lorry driver, disabled now with spinal injuries

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PetForums Member, 50, from Luton, England but born and bred in Scotland

StephSCO was last seen:
May 10, 2015
    1. MoggyBaby
      Thank you very much for the rep you left for me. Sorry for being slow to say so. I must check it more often. Hope all is well with you.


    2. StephSCO
      Aye cheers for that much appreciated.
    3. Julesky
      Nae bother! Knew you wouldn't have seen it- thought i'd point it out before someone else did!! :)
    4. StephSCO
      Your are more than welcome Holtie, and I agree on the term "Time will heal", my Mum died a few years back and it still hurts to this day, nothing or no one can ever replace my feelings for my Mum. I will take care and you to, as for the idiots in my life I just ignore them with thanks to my lovely wife who helps me not just as my carer but as my best friend.
    5. Holtie
      Thank you very much for your kind words - grief brings out so many different facets in how people deal with it and it is always interesting to hear or read about them. The expression 'Time will heal' but again, depends on the individual affected.
      Of course you can call me 'Holtie' - wish I could change my username!!
      Take care and make the most of life - don't let the idiots out there get to you - life is far too short !
    6. StephSCO
      I have covered up the collar, to be honest I never even noticed it but since it is something that is harmful towards dogs I am happy to change my signature, thanks for the heads up Julesky :)
    7. Julesky
      Fair do's each to their own, I hate dog kissing wean pictures myself, always think it encourages idiots to let their kids /dogs alone with each other/ invade each others space (and no i don't mean experienced owners). Google prong collar, it's a filthy device.
    8. StephSCO
      Nothing I can do about the collar, I didn't make the image, I only used it as I liked the picture of a child and dog kissing and the caption, but I will try and cover up the collar. And I have no idea what a prong collar is, never seen one in the UK before.
    9. Julesky
      Dude, agree with your falkirk wheel chat but not a fan of the dog pic on yer sig... it has a freaking prong collar on it !!! they're banned here for a reason...
    10. StephSCO
      Thanks welshjet for green blobbie, any other problems feel free to ask, been working with computers, websites, forums, tablets and phones for over 18 years, well not tablets lol as they are fairly new.
    11. welshjet
      Gotcha, green blobbie sent your way - thank you for the other thread, you sound like you know what your talking about unlike me :lol:
    12. StephSCO
      That is the thing with Shih Tzu's they have such long hair and we need to put a top knot in to pull the hair back so he can see lol
    13. MrsZee
      Thanks for the rep. Usually I think too that my dogs look nice, but after a roll in a doo they are anything but. But I cannot do a little ponytail like you can for yours.
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    Jan 8, 1970 (Age: 50)
    Luton, England but born and bred in Scotland
    Ex lorry driver, disabled now with spinal injuries
    I suffer from a T6 and T7 crushed vertebrae accident which has left me with lower spinal nerve damage. I use crutches to walk around in the house and a wheelchair when out shopping.

    It's a long boring story but if you want to hear it then feel free to ask me,

    Photography, web design, forum administration, pets, protecting animals from cruelty




    Father/Husband|Dog/animal lover|Computer tech|Laptop tech|Smartphone tech|Website/database tech|Photography​
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