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May 2, 2014
Nov 13, 2007
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Administration assistant for a small manufacturing

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PetForums Senior, from Stourbridge

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May 2, 2014
    1. Tanya1989
      Thanks for the rep x
    2. alaun
      Thanks for the rep I gave mine chappie in their kongs last night. It stank, which seemed to attract their attention, and because its so sticky, it took them ages to get out, lol. Xx
    3. RockRomantic
      mmmmmmmmm chicken!
    4. RockRomantic
      haha im well jealous :(
    5. RockRomantic
      lol thread closed..... but FILLET STEAK YUMMY!!!
    6. GoldenShadow
      I think after, when they had been released. She may want to ask just what went through their heads I guess, but that wouldn't be good for any of them I doubt :(
    7. GoldenShadow
      No, and then you can think 'well they should of thought of that before they did the crime' but then at the age they are its hard to know if they were capable of that, a lot of kids can't contemplate it all before they do it. I think they will certainly be paying for the crime in one way or another for the rest of their lives, it just wont be enough for the Mum. Interesting Daynna said the Mum tried to contact one of the lads a few years ago, you would think she wouldn't be allowed to either, perhaps.

      She has done lots of TV appearances lately too, you can almost think she is trying to punish/cause them trouble if she tracked one of them down, so hard to know whats true and what the media are just spreading for the hell of it.

      What did you make of the story in the news about the two boys who injured two other boys, they were meant to come from an iffy background I think. For me I think I'm of a similar opinion as to here, don't know what went on and I hope they all get the help they need :( xxx
    8. GoldenShadow
      Don't worry about it at all, I have a fair bit of life experience for my age, and just that *big* hang up of judgement and how it can affect people so much, here not so much as I doubt he would read the forum etc, but I think its important we try to understand different points of view. There are many instances I come across as judgemental and I think *rats, never thought of that* and get myself in trouble!

      I don't think you will be a bad psych at all, I'm sorry I gave that impression, I don't know you and was going on what you had said and probably read too much into it, seems you meant literally from what psychology studies shows this is how it is etc, as opposed to 'I think this and this'.

      Its just so hard to know where to begin isn't it, so much damage has been done and justice will never really be done for the boy's family, such an incredibly horrible crime to have been committed :(
    9. GoldenShadow
      Hi :)

      I just have this *thing* when people can judge and don't know the ins and outs etc, in some situations it can be the nail in the coffin for some people :(

      Its nothing personal, I promise! Just trying to show we really know so very little and its so hard to know what to think/how to express what we think.

      I haven't meant to offend you either, its just so incredibly easy for people seeing psychologists to mould their opinions to whatever the psychologist thinks is right, which is why they don't tend to give much of their own opinion away, so the patient has to come to their own conclusion of their own accord, and they work with that as opposed to the patient just trying to take the psychologists word instead of finding out how they do feel about things, do you know what I mean?

      Probably not, I talk such nonsense sometimes :blushing:

    10. leashedForLife
      did U find a photo to post/link to for the next caption-contest?
      if U do not have one of Ur own that suits, just post a web-link to one U do like...
      looking forward to it, ;)
      --- terry
    11. leashedForLife
      congrats, hun -
      ya won Caption-contest 23! :thumbup: good one, :laugh:
      C U soon,
      --- terry
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    Administration assistant for a small manufacturing
    I've had animals since I was born; I've been very lucky that way.

    Reading, computers, games, listening to music and obviously Pets Forum.


    Mum to:
    Ragdoll- Freija
    Moggy- Icky
    WH-JRT- Merlin
    and lots of fishies :thumbup:
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