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Jun 30, 2016
Jul 11, 2009
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Stellabelly was last seen:
Jun 30, 2016
    1. Stellabelly
      Stellawas having James Wellbeloved but am now trying a food called Barking Heads - puppy for Jojo and adult for Stella. FRecommended by Jollyes pet store. They do swap bowls though.
    2. nat1979
      What are you feeding stella at the min ? and have been?
      And Jojo as well?
    3. Stellabelly
      Hi Natalie
      She's not been right for a couple of weeks or so but hopefully we'll get her sorted(ws`qhtr- Jojo did this a flying leap on the laptop : ) ).
      Strange thing is she is ok in between bouts and plays with Jojo. It's really odd but if it is colitis I suppose she would have good times as well as being in pain occasionally.

      Jojo is growing at an amazing rate. He is one very handsome boy. Will send more pics soon. If stella is feeling better and weather is good we will take them to beach on Saturday.

      OMG they've just come in from outside racing around chasing each othe at 100miles an hour and jojo hs stolen some potpourri. The rug has ended up in the fireplace. He's so funny but is really mischievous.
    4. nat1979
      She has been like that for a while now
      Porr stella
    5. Stellabelly
      Hi Natalie
      Picked this up a few mins ago. Have emailed you now.
    6. nat1979
      Could you email me on smilepenny2000@live.co.uk plz i cant seem to find your email address
    7. nat1979
      Glad you like the photo its a good one
      Your be shocked how big he will be again next sunday as well
    8. nat1979
      Glad you think he is coming on well he is the 2nd biggest out of the boys and he is doing so well
    9. nat1979
      Hi Hows stella?
      Jo Jo is doing great eyes are open now (will post some pictures soon) will be trying treacle's litters on they 1st meal on thu when there be 3 wks old
      Tryed sophie's litter 2day and they loved it posted a picture on her thread
      Was wondering do you use facebook? coz if you do i post lots of pictures on there straight from my phone when i take the pictures
    10. nat1979
      Pups are doing great glad you getting her hang of things on here
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