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Oct 27, 2019
Jan 8, 2009
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November 28

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PetForums Senior, from Swansea

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Oct 27, 2019
    1. Yorkiemorkiemum
      Hi the Omeprazole is not a treatment for an ulcer but prevention of an ulcer. I used to have them but they are so mild I had to have something else as well now I have lansoprazole because I have inflammation of my gut and bowel due to a pollip and tumour. I checked it with my daughter and she confirmed that.
      The animal hospital is at Neston on the Wirrel near Ellesmere port on the Mersey. They are on the TV Rolf Harris used to do the show. People come from all over the country it's in its own grounds and deals with livestock and the animals from Chester zoo. They are not any more expensive than your vet to be honest. I don't change any of his meds without their knowledge though and the chemo he has is not given via tablet but a ten hour drip! That is expensive that's £300 a go but his bloods were cheaper done there than our vet.
    2. swarthy
      hehe - no worries - I guessed as much ;) as I was having problems getting on the site
    3. swarthy
      Many thanks for the rep - much appreciated :D
    4. lucyandsandy
      My OH is finding it hard to bond with Sandy, he is not really an animal person. He does play with her ever now and again but other than that that's it. I am hoping as she gets older and calms down a bit (yeah right!) this might change a bit.
    5. lucyandsandy
      I see you have Cavaliers too! I don't think you can beat them, I would like another but I'm not allowed :(
    6. lucyandsandy
      Thanx, looking at that picture she has grown quite a bit! I have had to become a bit tougher to resist the eyes!
    7. katie200
      awwww your pets are lovely
    8. kaisa624
      She's had her cone off now but she's ok... getting better :)
    9. kaisa624
      Holly came from a b&t x ruby mating... was weird...
    10. kaisa624
      Ha, yeah :) We've enquired at Kahukura for our tri bitch, but we aren't sure when we will be able to get her... be lovely to get a ruby... we were going to get a b&t when we got Holly, but she passed away... We want all bitches, as we couldn't deal with separating dogs and bitches during seasons :P
    11. kaisa624
      Ye, it wasn't too bad on the day, and the vet at the event said it was just bruising, but now it's triple the size... so she's on antibiotics and has a cone... was a Glenn Imaal terrier... She's all growly with other dogs now :( My OH would love a ruby bitch, so if you are having a litter at some time, I'd love a see in :P
    12. kaisa624
      She's just over 13 months. We keep laughing at her atm though, cos she has a cone on, and she can't sniff the ground... damn the silly dog who bit her!!! We're getting a tri bitch next :) They are addictive :P
    13. kaisa624
      Hey, I'm loving all your cavs :D
    14. cav
      Your welcome xx
    15. swarthy
      Thanks for the rep - much appreciated
    16. Cavalierlover123
      Thanks very much Ange :) I know she was very young ! cant believe it, but i believe it was her time to go and she wanted me to be there :)
    17. dobermummy
      well im mumof6 to my 6 dogs, 2 dobermann's, a patterdale, staffy x patterdale, akita x gsd, and rhodesian ridgeback x mastiff. there are some old picturers in my albums but will try to get more recent ones up soon lol.

      they are all rescued in one way or another and each one has been my last and no more :o

      how are you anyway?
    18. dobermummy
      good, i tend to say/wite things then realise it could offend which is why i dont really post that often anymore :o

      hope you had a good night sleep
    19. dobermummy
      hi, just wanted to say hello and i hope i havent offended or upset you on the thread about telling people stuff... i tend to speak and then think :$
    20. Classyellie
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    November 28
    Hi I'm Ange, I have 3 gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Louis (ruby) 4, Stella (b/t) 2and a half, and Asha (b/t) 18 months. We are all owned by two cats, Colin 16 and Sally 6!
    I have 5 children, 4 grown up (so they tell me) and a 15 yr old daughter and live with my long-suffereing OH. I am at home full time.

    Music, reading, going on the train and wasting too much time at the computer.


    Stella, Louis and Asha
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