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Sep 4, 2015
Oct 19, 2009
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Sep 4, 2015
    1. danielled
      How are you.
    2. sante
      Hi staysee, I have replied via PM in response to yours. I'd be able to travel to Reading during daylight hours :) I don't mind picking them up from Sainsbury's car park in reading :D but they'd be transported back to London via fast train to Paddington and then via underground to Stockwell. Is this ok?
    3. danielled
      We can try again as many times as we want. I will be trying again til we pass.
    4. danielled
      Buddy failed the good citizen test. He failed on the stay never mind. A lot of dogs that fail fail on the stay.
    5. danielled
      Exactly, no worries though because if we fail he can try again in the test after the advanced course. If at first you don't succeed try and try again.
    6. danielled
      In the test he only gets 20 seconds to recall.
    7. danielled
      I'm goo. Buddy wouldn't recall at dog training tonight
    8. danielled
      How's you tonight.
    9. danielled
      Yes lol. They know how to show us up. We love them though.
    10. danielled
      He does it fine when I hold the lead. He's got the runs too but I know why. He ate something he Shoufn't have eaten. Couldn't get all of it off him. Got one off him couldn't get the other, it was turnips there were 2. I took one of him couldn't get the second one of him. Not looking forward to cleaning runny poos up tomorrow.
    11. danielled
      Took Buddy dog training, he did a fantastic recall but when it came o the next exercise which was tell dog to sit and wait, walk forward, turn left and callbthe dog I decided to drop the lead well after calling him a few times it was playtime to him and he grabbed his lead and went running. The rest in my group found it funny but I didn't. The closer mum got to him the further he ran. Trainer was great. Buddy thought it was play time. Trainer took m back to the group and I said well I did have a dog.
    12. danielled
      How are you. My evenings been bad enough already thanks to a certain terrier.
    13. danielled
      How are you.
    14. MollyMilo
      I'm so sorry about your nan, hope you are ok. we miss you and your gorgeous bunch xx
    15. MollyMilo
      Thank you so much for the rep x
    16. nightkitten
      I've only just seen that you have given me a good rep. Thank you very much x
    17. danielled
      How are you.
    18. danielled
      How's you.
    19. danielled
      How are you.
    20. Iheartcats
      Thanks so much for the rep!!!! Took me ages to figure out how to view the reps! Yes Jessie is super HOT. Where are all these men in real life lol! My other half is short, tubby and balding but I love him!!
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