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Jan 23, 2018
Sep 9, 2009
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December 20
Glasgow Scotland, UK
SAHM and slave to my pets lol!

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PetForums VIP, from Glasgow Scotland, UK

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Jan 23, 2018
    1. DT
      which one? been here a long time and seldom give red rep!
    2. DT
      Excuse me but I dont recall giving you negative rep
    3. danielled
      I'm great thanks, Buddy is keeping me busy.
    4. danielled
      How are you.
    5. Lisaj
      Oh I'm sure you'll sleep like a baby - as long as it's not a nordic breed in trouble then all's good in your world, forget all other breeds / species. I pursued you??? Seriously - you put something as nasty as you did and expect someone to stay quiet? YOU started this with your bulling comments to me. I have reported your messages, I have asked you once to leave me alone. This is me asking again.
    6. Lisaj
      Oh I have met your kind before - you ARE a bully and you have tried to show me up infront of this whole forum for offering something constructive. Leave me alone - seriously just leave me alone.
    7. Lisaj
      What a nasty nasty thing you said about me and for no good reason. Yes you are a VIP on here and post non stop, but you have still been nothing but a bully to someone else for nothing. Sorry excuse for a human being!
    8. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      thankyou for the rep starlite.your dog has the most stunning markings btw.
    9. RabbitMonster
      Thanks for the rep, that's really nice of you :)
    10. Tink82
      thanks for the rep, forgot we could do that lol x
    11. Stephen&Dogs
      They were so nice, at 4:00pm i will be walking one of them :)
    12. Jonesey
      Thank you for the rep!
    13. Stephen&Dogs
      Just met 2 beautiful alaskan malamutes and have decided that i'm going to have a mal when we move, They were so friendly and i am going on a walk with them in a few days :D
    14. Lancashire_Boerboels
      Yes, boerboels can be brindles,reds,yellows,fawns and piebalds.
      We now have black and brown boerboels emerging in some lines too, but most are not allowed to be registered yet as it is thought they have been illegally cross bred with labs etc. Breeders with these colours need to DNA test the dogs as proof.

      Yes, we do our own importing and we work closely with several breeders in africa and europe. We dont quarantine any dogs here though, they are raised with the breeders and shipped over when all the rabies tests and done/clear. It takes about 9-12 months, as you know probably know anyway.
      I'll be glad when it's all over to be honest. It's very stressful, like you said earlier LOL
    15. Lancashire_Boerboels
      Thanks for the comments about our website.

      Yes, importing is a pain in the ass and gets very stressful at times, but the end result is "usually" worth it so it's just a necassary evil for us at the moment. Good boerboels are hard to find in this country and it's a really limited gene pool, we wanted to improve certain health issues within this breed and importing new bloodlines was the only way to acheive that.
      I don't think we'll do it again though after our next 3 dogs arrive, hopefully we'll be able to work on our line after that if everything goes according to our plans.
      Long road ahead!!
    16. Tanya1989
      Thanks :) :D
    17. piggybaker
      Thanks for the rep,, not sure about the muppet bit ;)
    18. simplysardonic
      thanks for the rep :) xx
    19. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Your very welcome :D
    20. Lavenderb
      The link I meant lmao
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    December 20
    Glasgow Scotland, UK
    SAHM and slave to my pets lol!
    "Interdiu vigilamus, inlustres sideribus rem agimus" ©

    Dogs are my passion, currently own and an Alaskan Malamute and have been involved in showing/breeding chihuahuas too.
    I also have a mad moggy called Trouble who keeps the dog in line :p

    Can normally be found anywhere doggy related :D

    Dog showing, working my dog in harness and weight training. I play the flute in E.G.B.I.F.B x


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    The Alaskan Malamute is not a breed - its a way of Life

    Currently chasing the ever elusive Alaskan Klee Kai :D
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