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Nov 1, 2016
Dec 10, 2013
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Nov 1, 2016
    1. Paddypaws
      Hi again. Did they take to the raw in the end then? I dont actually have either NI or Nutriment here at the moment.....I feed mainly a home made mix. Have you looked at Mobile Pet foods? They deliver London wide with no minimum order and delivery is only £3
    2. Paddypaws
      Yes it can confuse them as it smells so much less than regular food. Try warming slightly, or topping with favourite kibble or Thrive treats
    3. Paddypaws
      Hi Liz....yes anytime 10am to 9pm should be fine. Just tell the receptionist that Claire has left something in the freezer for you. it is a plastic tub wrapped up in a carrier bag. The bigger piece is NI chicken and beef and then the bit in the middle is Nutriment beef and the one at the end is Nutriment chicken. Hopefully your cats will like it.( BTW, there is no charge, I am happy to be able to help out )
      Oh....and you have posted those last two message on your own wall not mine! We all do it at some point.
    4. Stardigrade
      Forgot to mention, I have three cats but they can share!
    5. Stardigrade
      Sorry for the delay thank you so much for your trouble, I will pick it up monday :) My name is Liz Haymin. Can I come any time on monday?
    6. Paddypaws
      If you cant make it tomorrrow, I will leave the stuff there anyway and you could come on Monday, we are open 10am till 9pm
    7. Paddypaws
      The clinic is Ashlins Natural Health | Health and Well being in East London and we are more or less opposite Macdonalds. I am at work tomorrow so you could come around 2.30/3...would that work? We are open till 4/5 normally on a sunday. How many cats do you have? I will make a package up of a couple of foods and leave them in the freezer, just come in and ask the Receptionist to get it for you. My name is Claire, what is yours so I can put it on the package?
    8. Paddypaws
      Whereabouts do you live? I am in walthamstow and work 2-3 mins from the tube station so have often arranged for people to pick stuff up from there.
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