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Mar 22, 2010
Mar 4, 2009
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PetForums Member, from Kent

StaffieEllie was last seen:
Mar 22, 2010
    1. madferrit*
      aww how gorgeous is your Ellie?? love her :-)
    2. Grant
      hey, thanks for the comment back he has loads of toys lol but guess will have to get some more cheers
    3. plumo72
      Yes she's very boisterous with other dogs jumps at them. She's 3 years old and still the same lol. How old is ellie? x
    4. Grant
      hey, i have a staffy x collie so i thought you might want to see him as you said you love looking at staffys, he's around 4 months old and really nipping how do you get them to stop as i am a 1st timer :D cheers
    5. goodvic2
      I doubt it very much because. like Sammy she is quite tall. Pure bred staff's are quite short in the leg. Sallyanne is a good person to ask as she breeds staffs x
    6. goodvic2
      Hi Stacey. She looks georgous! very similar to my sammy boy! I think sammy is a ridgeback x staffy. But when I rescued him he was advertised as a lab x staffy. Ellie does look very similar. Where did you get her from? Vicky x
    7. Deed_not_Breed
      yes they are. all american pit bulls. thank you and yes it is sad that not everyone is ALLOWED to enjoy them.
    8. Paws&Claws
    9. Paws&Claws
      If you look on the do u allow dogs to wear clothing thread ull c pup in the cutest outfit :D x
    10. Paws&Claws
      Thanks for the pic comment :D x
    11. StaffieEllie
      Hey anyone with staffys add meee.. i love looking at ya piccys :D
    12. savannah
      Hey u, hows things going with Ellie now?? things settled down i hope, and her feeding is better xx
    13. scattyk
      hiya mate - yep am good thanks!! Sonny is getting bigger by the day, but is calming a bit on his playbitting - thank god!! How is Ellie - is she still being food fussy?? xx
    14. DoubleTrouble
      Hi friend!
    15. rainy
      They grow an inch every day!!!!!!
    16. rainy
      aaaaah lovely pup :)
    17. savannah
      Well, i take Savannah for longer walks , as she also loves being outside and never seems to get tired lol! I think its fine really, if she has that much energy it should be burnt off for longer! Thats the whole point of a walk right. Just watch pup when shes out and go by her cue.
      I will be getting her spayed for sure. Im still researching all about it myself, as i dont know much about it yet either. All I know is that if they dont get spayed, they can get that serious infection of the womb or uterous, which sounds extremely nasty. pyometa i think its called.
    18. savannah
      yeah, i heard on here that pedigree food is naff too, thats what she was on when i got her, and james beloved, thats why im getting rid of the soft rubbish and keeping to the dry food which is apparently quite a good one. Im sure u will find one she likes, just introduce them slowly. This forum is very helpfull!
      As for walks i asked the same thing on here lol, most helpfull was someone who said for each wk of their age, is a minute of walking time, then 1 extra minute on top of total. so 12wks old, 12 minute walk plus 1 minute more = 13 minutes. My pup looks like she can go on forever so I take her for longer, she never gets worn out i swear lol. How old is ur pup? just see how she gets on on the walk, and how she is being further away from home like. It was nice having that info as a starting point tho. :)
    19. savannah
      Hiya, ur pup is just soooo cute. hows she getting on? U found a food she likes yet? Im feeding Savannah on James Wellbeloved puppy, the lamb one. She likes it. She has a bit of pedigree soft too, but im easing her off that now and sticking to the dry food. Do u know what she was fed on b4 u got her? take care n good luck with this puppy stage lol xx
    20. ~jo~
      He is doing great thanx he has the stiches out on wed :) xx
      Love ou pup she is a beauty
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