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Jul 3, 2011
Feb 11, 2009
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Jun 5, 1985 (Age: 35)
Stealing bunnies

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PetForums VIP, 35, from Stealing bunnies

srhdufe was last seen:
Jul 3, 2011
    1. thedogsmother
    2. Flissy
      Hi I'm fine thanks apart from being a bit worried about Stella, how are you? :)
    3. Tapir
      im so sorry they are gone :(
    4. Tapir
      thats okay, i just hope they arent gone :(
    5. Tapir
      hello, just rang about the rats,no answer, will try again. do you want them if i can get them? where are you and when do you think youd be able to?
    6. Ladywiccana
      your very welcome huni ;) xxxxx
    7. thedogsmother
      Omg come on msn I have to tell you something.
    8. Humphs mummy
      Humphs mummy
      Thank you so much for your help, i am a bit of a techno-phobe! x
    9. thedogsmother
      Naughty msn
      I messaged you to say if you dont want that cage I think Ill get it for a spare cos it looks quite nice, letme know what you want to do.
    10. danielled
      I'm an idiot lol just tyjped a visitors message to another member and wondered why it wasn't sending I hadn't even clicked the bloomin post message button lol what an idiot I am.
    11. danielled
      I'm still catching up on a week of threads that I missed lol.
    12. u-look-like-a-hamster
      OMG that is so weird i just got a text of my friend syaing her rabbit has had a litter of 4 rabbits :P ther giant ones aswell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      that is so sweet i love animals even more when they have a disability !!
    13. u-look-like-a-hamster
      lol thats amazing!!!

      i would love a rabbit!! i'll just have to settle with my boyfriends rabbit :L

      mines grown a bit

      what have you been up to buba
    14. u-look-like-a-hamster
      I'm good thankyou, i haven't had much time to go on the internet recently with my zoo lol plus i'm usually knackered after work, i work at a riding school you see and i'm running around all day :P
      all my hammies are oldies now and most of them are on medication i've lost 6 this year already and the ones i adopt have health problems, wizards got a problem with his leg and needs painkillers robs got a skin condition and stanley needs to have his teeth trimed daily due to a condition that makes his teeth and nails grow stupidly fast

      how are you hun
    15. danielled
      Sorry about the late reply couldn't get on for a bit lol. We now know the cause of her death.
    16. lolabloob
      np :) thanks for the advice for my tiny hamsters hehe x
    17. thedogsmother
      Did you get my msn message, Im a naughty Dora.
    18. thedogsmother
      Sarah please come on msn I need to talk, you wont belive what happened today, its becoming a bit of a habit for me.
    19. danielled
      My auntie died yesterday evening in her sleep I didn't get to see her before she died so went to see her last night didn't get home til 5.00 am or as I call it stupid o clock in the morning. She died at her house in bed.
    20. danielled
      I'm great I'm at my online party on here thread is called danielled's surprise party.
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    Jun 5, 1985 (Age: 35)
    Stealing bunnies
    I have 2 gorgeous doggies called Oscar James and Molly

    I also have 4 hamsters, 7 mice and 9 rabbits

    I want to have my own rescue/adoption centre one day


    Mummy to:

    Oscar and Molly Pooches
    Oliver, Lily, Jacob, Sweep, Stevie, Blue, Dillon, Daisy and Flopsy Rabbits
    Midnight, Alice, Bethany, Midget, Hermionie, Dora, Valentine, Casper, MJ and new babies!!! Meeces
    Dean, Bella, Ruby Hammies
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