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Sep 13, 2010
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Jan 1, 1983 (Age: 37)

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    1. emmaviolet
      Aw, I'm very happy to hear he is doing much better and it's only occasional 'blimps' as we used to call it.
      Alfie had similar afterwards, where it may be slightly loose, but not that ill kind, more soft. I think it takes a while for their stomach to get to a good place.
      It's been about two years now with Alfie having a really good stomach and now, I'm happy to say I don't even think about it, you know that feeling of when they go to go and your hoping it's ok! :o

      Last March he caught a horrible bug which I then caught and we was very poorly, but after it went he has been completely fine and they did a sample and he had masses of good bacteria and flora.
      He also gets bits of biscuits and sausages and his tummy is fine, the only thing is, he turns his nose up at dog treats because he didn't have them he has no taste for them! :rolleyes:

      I'm really happy that Sherlock is settled on a food he loves too and you can relax now his health is good! It's such a worry! x
    2. emmaviolet
      Hello, I just thought I'd pop by to see how the beautiful Sherlock is doing with his tummy?
      Hope you are well too! x
    3. emmaviolet
      That's ok, I hope Sherlock is doing well!! I'm happy to help if I can.

      It's such a shame they have to go through it, especially when they are younger, I'm sure his illnesses were the reason Alfie was so cheeky for a long time, we maybe let him get away with things as he was ill on and off.:o Thankfully now he is really well behaved and settled down a bit more.

      The vet said when we went a while back that some people and some dogs will have a lingering for a while, he had had food poisoning and was bemoaning the fact that he still didn't feel right a few months later, but to just be consistent and patient.

      There are some things like schamkos I avoid, but that's more to do with I have given them to my dogs and dogs staying with me and they drink a bowl of water after!! :eek:

      Fingers crossed Sherlock will be settled soon!! x
    4. emmaviolet
      That's ok, I'm so sorry to hear the lovely Sherlock has been through it too. :(

      If I can help, I of course will.
      How long ago did he have it and does he still have that liquid thing, you know what I mean. :rolleyes:
      Obviously Alfie was quite a bad case, he was a young puppy, had a bad tummy, after a while was tested, campo found and treated with a LOOOOONG course of anti-bs. But it didn't clear and I knew there was something else. The vet was talking about examining under the knife but I wanted another test and he went in ill and another test was given and found giardia.
      I don't know about Sherlock but is he willing to eat? Alfie lost a lot of appetite and then got fussy. Thankfully that's over. The vet said the two had stripped all goodness from his tummy, so it needed to be restored.
    5. emmaviolet
      I started on home cooked mixed in with JWB lamb as I found he liked it and tolerated it. I gave him a pro biotic like yumpro, do you give Sherlock any? I'd start small, but now he can have treats like mario bones and rawhide, although I do still like him to have more fresh cooked treats.
      Sorry about the essay!! :o
      Hope the little detective is well today!! x
    6. Amanda holl
      Amanda holl
      I have a cockapoo but does not look like one looks just like a spaniel and i also have a coton de tulear cross with a lhasa apso
    7. Amanda holl
      Amanda holl
      Sherlock is lovely
    8. sid&kira
      as they are looser when not attached to a lead it's possible, i've never had a problem but mine dont really get to run free often as they're sibes, but we've never had a problem at the dog park & i've had no complaints about it :)
    9. sid&kira

      They both essentially do the same job, tighten so the dog cant slip out but not enough to choke. Personally I prefer semi-slips as they sit better on the neck when worn around the house, but when out walking it works like a slip lead or choke chain, as in it will only release if you're standing on the correct side of the dog, whereas a martingale can be used either side. If that makes any sense at all?
    10. EagleC
      Ah thanks, hopefully it will come round quick. I will make sure to post more pics.
      Just joined cockers online. My user name is Rolo12.
    11. springerpete
      Hi. Dogs love to work, for sure, but as long as you give them lots of love, interesting stuff to do and plenty of exercise they will enjoy life with you. Cheers. Pete.
    12. springerpete
      Hello, saw you'd paid me a visit, just thought I'd return the compliment. Lovely pup.
    13. Annie2610
      lily is fine now, had a stressful week after the spay she got an infection her brother tried to rip the stitches out and she was always wedging herself into places and due to the collar she couldnt get out of! i hope your little one is ok. good luck at the vets x
    14. Annie2610
      Sorry for not responding sooner, i have had a couple of issues to sort. We couldn't find any collars that would be delivered in time so we went back to the vet who gave us a smaller collar which worked a treat. x
    15. Kiwi
      Sweetie thanks you springfieldbean! Although she has just seen the Kinvara and asked to move in with you because she doesn't want her sister not to have a playmate!! Kinvara (she?) is quite purrfect. Aren't we lucky baldytwolegs?! xx
    16. merothe
      Thanks for the lovely comments :) Your profile pic is just too cute for words!!!
    17. AnnaK
      Only a little wobbly and it bothers me more than it does them! If you get one that is braced against the ceiling then it should be even sturdier. Could it be Kinvara's Christmas pressie?
    18. AnnaK
      Well this morning I found them playing on it, one in the hammock and the other standing on the box! Neither of them have made it to the top yet but at least they are showing an interest. It is bigger than I expected, I don't know if your flat is similar to ours, we are on the ground floor and the room at the front is the bedroom so the smaller room is our sitting-room. We have put it against the wall but there is no mistaking the presence of a large cat tree! We got that one as we have two, there are some nice smaller ones on Zooplus that still have money off. The Ares is tall and slender so less space taken up width wise. I think we wanted to give them the opportunity to get up high if they wanted to.
    19. hobbs2004
      Thanks for the rep! The kind words are very much appreciated!
    20. AnnaK
      Hi sorry have a cold so haven't been on line much. Ella is fine now, teething doesn't seem to last more than two days and it doesn't affect every cat.
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    Jan 1, 1983 (Age: 37)
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