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Sep 24, 2015
Jun 24, 2010
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West Wales
retired photographer

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PetForums VIP, from West Wales

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Sep 24, 2015
    1. Hols<3Millie
      it can be quite funny to read some of them - arguments are the best to read :P
    2. Hols<3Millie
      neither have i, i only joined today. i was on new rider before but then they began charging. This ones better anyway since i'm a bigger dog fan than horses
    3. Hols<3Millie
      thanks :) been a while since i've been on a forum like this lol
    4. Werehorse
      Bless, Bracken certainly is a stunner. A new pup is an exciting prospect though. And each dog seems to have it's own place in our lives without shouldering out the affection for the last one I think. I was worried when we got Oscar that I would feel like I was replacing my old collie but he's so different from her, yet just as special, so it doesn't actually feel that way at all! Will you get another Springer? I think I might be hooked on spaniels now I own one, I'm finding it hard to picture myself with another type of dog!
      I will ask about and see about a shoot - Oscar'd love it I think, although I'm pretty sure I'd feel a bit out of place!
    5. Werehorse
      Thank you! He is a little star! :D I'm considering working trials but I don't shoot myself so wouldn't know where to start with actually working him. The litter was bred from working parents (springer x cocker) to produce a pup for the breeder who will be working her. A few other pups went to working homes as well. Oscar will be a fell running dog so, to be perfectly honest, although we didn't seek out a docked litter I'm actually quite glad his tail is docked because I think he'll be reasonably high-risk for injuries even if I don't work him.
    6. Luvdogs
      Thankyou :)
    7. SandraP
      Hiya Pete, Oh he's doing great, getting bigger by the day. He loves his off the lead walks he's starting to do proper springer stuff now, for example tonight he was running along with his nose to the ground and suddenly jumped into the grass verge at the side with his nose buried in the grass i had a look and it looked like a wee hole a vole or something would make. Im really please with how he's coming along, loooads if energy now.
      Getting there with the training. we have perfected sitting, kinda getting there with stay, and his recall is really good not got the lie down yet but im sure it'll come at some point.
      Is it just the 1 dog you have? Are you on the look out for a pup? I find it hard work but so rewarding. Sandra.
    8. Pet Photographers
      Pet Photographers
      Thanks for the welcome. I've made a first post but apparently it has to be moderated first?
    9. BooBooSaz
      Thank you. BooBooSaz is my Nickname :D
      Thank you for the welcome :D
    10. Rubyrubes
      hello there, yes Tilly is doing now....at last! she is currently being weaned off fish and rice and im mixing in fish4dogs which she seems to be enjoying! shes putting weight on nicely and is full of life, enjoying her walks and training going really well!
      Elaine xx
    11. snoopydo
      Hello pete. I've got one pet dog a P/J/R..He just a pet he was neutered when I got him..I dont want to come across as a moaner or anything it's juist that sometimes I find it difficult to ''get on '' with this site...Like I said in the post that you'll be referring to, It seems very clicky and I just think that newcomers do get patronized quite abit by 'The Experts' and I feel thats why they don't contribute much on here ...I feel tht they get push off somehow..Sorry rant over. x x x x
    12. maizie0_0
      Hi Pete. Elsie is doing well and she is growing so fast. Getting very tall now but prettier by the day. She has definately come a long way since we got her, on her 26th dry night so she is doing me proud. Really good off lead although last time she didn't come back straight away when called (she ran up to another dog) but in the end she did. Will have to keep an eye on that. Biting has reduced alot, although teething and she has a lovely nice new set of pure white straight teeth at the bottom (I call her Simon Cowell!). She still barks when we put her in the kitchen when we eat our dinner but calms down after 5 - 10 minutes or so. She is getting better. Maybe I expect too much and have to keep reminding myself she is only 4 1/2 months old!!! Hows things with you?
    13. Tyler
      Thank you :)
    14. jmoore
      Hiya, thanks From Ireland have a little dog 9, and next week will have a new kitty.
    15. springerpete
      Is everybody still having trouble getting on the site or is it just me?
    16. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      I won't give up! I so want him to come back when called. Someone else mentioned a recipe - it's called liver cake! Like you just said, good for training. I hate liver personally and can't stand the smell, maybe I should get my man to cook it hahaha. I love your picture of Bracken, he looks so cheeky and like Angus naughty! I will keep in touch. It's great to talk to someone who has lots of knowledge about Springy Spaniels. :)
    17. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      Hi Pete, he's good thanks, he's being really hyper today lol. Not a lot of progress with the recall though. Sometimes I wish I could give him to someone like you for a few weeks to teach him hahahaha. It's hard work, but I'll just have to grin and bear it and press on! :)
    18. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      My brother's just moved to Pembrokeshire. His job took him down to the docks, something to do with construction. My old dad now lives in Penderyn (brecon beacons). I do enjoy going down there. I've only been down there once with Angus though, but he loved running through the streams and fords.

      My uncle was once a game keeper many many moons ago, he had springers & labs working for him. You couldn't pet them like a family pet as my uncle was very strict with them and they were kept in kennels at night. I didn't like that much, but as they got older and retired they moved into the house and became the family pet!
    19. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      And you're probably thinking....... Kent? With a username like TheJockess & WeeAngus! I'm originally from Scotland and moved to Kent with my parents 25 years ago. By reading between the lines I'm guessing you're in Wales?
    20. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      Great, thanks for the tips. I will be sure to put them into practice. I'm not using a dummy for him but have considered it. He does pick things up and runs of into his kennel with them knowing that we can't get to him. So I think the other tip will be handy to learn. So I think I'll be looking on ebay for a dummy now! We've tried to get him interested in a ball in the hope that it takes his mind off of the birds! He's interested in the 'go fetch' but he doesn't bring it back hahaha. He picks it up, drops it and moves onto chasing birds and bouncing about in the bushes! Oh and I live in Kent.
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    West Wales
    retired photographer
    I live in Pembrokeshire am married and have been involved with gun dogs for more years than I care to remember

    Reading, Walking and training dogs
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