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Sep 24, 2015
Jun 24, 2010
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West Wales
retired photographer

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PetForums VIP, from West Wales

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Sep 24, 2015
    1. cinnamontoast
      Really, dominant colour? I think it's pretty much the same here: there's one b/w that I can think of other than ours. We had one of each from a mixed litter til Jake was PTS this summer, but they were from Hereford, as is the husband and he wanted the same type/size as he grew up with. The Hertfordshire Springers are smaller, IMO. We didn't have an issue finding a b/w litter, tho-was in Essex. You say great to bring them on but they're going through that cheeky puppy stage of pretending to be deaf! Monkeys!
    2. cinnamontoast
      Hey Pete, there's 3. I've introduced them in Introductions: just gonna go and make the signature pic a bit smaller-it's a bit vast! How many do you have?
    3. XxZoexX
      Ooh found your message lol thank you so very much pete I will try not to harass you with too many daft questions x
    4. killjoy
      Hello. :)
      Thanks! Yeah, it seems like a really good site for getting tips on training my new puppy.
    5. springerpete
      Hi Wayne. Thanks for message, I'll certainly look into this, there can't be too many rescue centres.
      Cheers. Pete
    6. critter
      Hi Springerpete, Sorry about the delay in replying but I lost your message !, the Rescue in question is, Home - GREEN ACRES ANIMAL RESCUE, they are located in Talbenny and are in danger of being closed down if their Planning Application to Pembs Coast National Park is turned down, the Rescue is just asking for anyone interested to e-mail the National Park Planning Dept to support their application, all the details are on the Rescue's Website, I am not connected with Greenacres just a concerned dog owner. Many thanks for taking the trouble to contact me, & please spread the word on your side of the water, if you require more info, please contact me. Regards, wayne.
    7. Great Bear
      Great Bear
      Nice to hear from you Springerpete. We're a few miles from St. Clears in Carmarthenshire, almost on the Pembroke border.
    8. manda&ruby
      Hi yes all is well here and Ruby is starting to get into a routine and love going out for our walks. We are looking forward to starting training classes in 2 weeks.
    9. springerpete
      Can anybody out there help. I'm looking for a Golden Retriever pup, dog not bitch. must be from working and not show stock. I'm willing to travel up to 200miles for the right dog. Cheers all. Pete.
    10. springerpete
      Hi, my apologies if I've confused you. It's just that as someone who works his dogs on a local shoot I was just commenting on the fact that I've come across a few collie spaniel crosses that were excellent dogs in the field. It wasn't meant to offend in any way.
    11. RadioDJ
      Thanks for the post Pete.
      What were you on about, I Don't really understand - Still really new on the website.
    12. springerpete
      Hi Carol, just a thought. Some years ago we lost a dog and for some time afterwards his son was offcolour, after various visits to the vets when nothing physical could be found, the vet came to the opinion he was simply grieving over the loss of his father.Makes you think. Anyway, good luck with her. Pete
    13. Carolbevan
      Hi Pete
      thanks for the hello. I'm just getting my head aroud the site at the mo and yes Molly is not herself although she hasnt been sick for 4-5 days so hopefully this new diet will do the trick and avoid surgery. I think we've been over compensating because we lost our old boy Trampie 15 - but by god he had a better life than some people so we must be grateful for him - such a character - never had such an inteligent dog and Molly is very savvy also - we are Kidwelly way so nice to talk to you cheers carol
    14. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      Hi Pete, sorry I haven't answered you in a while, I've not been on pet forum for a while.

      Yes we're still persevering. I think he's getting better with the re-call. We've been using a very long rope and been using the whistle. He seems to be coming back every time now. If we hide and toot the whistle he'll come and find us hahaha. I'm not sure when to allow him off the lead as I'm afraid his head will go again and he'll not do as he's told. We have just found an opening near Capstone Park which is enclosed, so tomorrow we'll take him there, hold our breaths and let him off! I'll keep you posted on how we get on! Fingers crossed. :0)
    15. rosalol
      Hello, you're spot on there! Thankyou for the welcome, Lol :)
    16. springerpete
      It doesn't take too long, I can remember with ours finding puppy teeth in odd places, in fact my wife still has one of old Brackens. I recently found an old pic of him, at about 3 months, I've scanned it and put it on in my album, it's hard to believe he was ever that little
    17. maizie0_0
      Hi Pete. Just really bad teething problems. She has been whining alot and there has been a bit of blood, having to water down her food because hard biscuits are difficult to chew. Bless her... really do feel sorry for her! BUT she has some loverly new pearly whites coming through!
    18. springerpete
      Hi, I generally start at about 11months, usually the fist thing I try to ascertain is whether or not the pup is ' Gun shy ' I do this by taking him out with my wife who'll stay with him for reassurance whilst I walk off a hundred yards or so and fire a starting pistol, if the dog is happy with that I just keep halving the distance untill I can fire it more or less over his head. This is done over the course of a week or two, you don't want to push a young dog. Once I'm sure that he's not bothered by this I'll take him along to a clay shoot and repeat the same thing over a period of time. You're doing the right thing with the basics, as long as he'll come to call he'd be welcome on our shoot, it wouldn't matter if he doesn't pick up game, we've got around 15 spans who will and I'm sure most shoots are like ours, as long as he'll flush birds he'd be welcome.
    19. Werehorse
      Not yet. My boyfriend asked a chap who shoots at work and apparently he was a bit reticent about giving information about his particular shoot (it's possible he doesn't want his boss turning up when he's on his leisure time though!). We are making sure we have our basic training and socialisation down as our most important thing as well.
      Actually, how old would a pup have to be before you start specific gun dog training with it?
    20. Hols<3Millie
      takes a while to get used to it, i managed it on new rider anyway. Only been on here a day so haven't had the full member experience lol
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    West Wales
    retired photographer
    I live in Pembrokeshire am married and have been involved with gun dogs for more years than I care to remember

    Reading, Walking and training dogs
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