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Dec 18, 2017
Mar 24, 2008
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Dec 28, 1987 (Age: 33)
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Appley Bridge, Lancashire

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PetForums Senior, 33, from Appley Bridge, Lancashire

spoiled_rat was last seen:
Dec 18, 2017
    1. cfearnley

      I'm located in Manchester City Centre and I am really after one or two baby males to introduce to my albino rat Russell? I am available from Thursday onwards to meet if it is possible! The sooner I can get Russell the company, the better!
    2. Kiansmummy
      Hiya I wondered if you had any baby rats for sale? Thanks
    3. SarahLily
      Hiya, Just wondered if you still had some cages/accessories for sale and collection? :) Sarah x
    4. sharon.mackay
      Hi you asked me to PM you. I can't travel to you to collect any rats. I won't be buying form a pet shop so don't worry.
    5. Rusty1701
      Hi There,
      I know its been awhile since your post about them, but i was wondering if you still had any mice that needed a home?
    6. slugpony
      Hi hun, was wondering if you had any male rats & Cages for sale?
    7. skanders
      hi do you have any of your cages left i am looking for a large parrot cage and a rabbit cage if u have any of these please let me know.

    8. booglehoops
      Hi! we spoke on the rehoming thread regarding rats for newbies. If it's OK I've added you as a friend, to arrange a visit to your rattery when it's convenient?

      Thanks, Simon & Pam
    9. Tapir
      Hi there,

      I have replied on your post about the new rescue rats. Feel free to PM me, email or call me. Let me know if you want my number.

      Thank you and well done for rescuing :)
      Regards, Annie
    10. cal123
      Hi I hope you dont mind, I've just loaded a message on the forum entitled some advice needed. I know you helped me in the past. If you get a chance could you have a read and get back to me anytime. Much appreciated. Cal x
    11. sophia17
      Hiya was Just wondering if you happen to have an indoor Rabbit Cage by anychance? Needs to be 1Meter no shorter..lol Also how much would it be? Thanks :)
    12. olddeadpig
      Hi - I can't get your website to load for some reason. I am interested in 2 or 3 dumbo does if still available, to share huge cage with my 4 current does hopefully although can house separately if they don't get on (I have experience of introductions so should be OK). I am only a few miles from you (Haydock) and can collect. Cheers, David.
    13. champagneannie
      hi there,

      i'm interested in rehoming a black berkie, black roan and a blue roan female.

      is there any way of getting them down to derby?
      have sent an email with more details anyway
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    Dec 28, 1987 (Age: 33)
    Home Page:
    Appley Bridge, Lancashire


    Laura & the fuzzies of Stovokor Rattery
    Breeding for Russian Blue, Chinchilla & Siamese in Lustrous and other coat types.
    Stovokor Rattery on Facebook
    I also have rescue rats looking for forever homes, please PM me.
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