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May 30, 2014
May 30, 2014
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May 30, 2014
    1. leashedForLife
      Part 2:
      See the sticky, Necessary health tests, on the BREEDING sub-forum & scroll
      to approx post 60 to find the AVAR List of Heritable Diseases / Defects.
      It will be eye-opening, I assure U.

      Also bear in mind that WAITING until any dog is at least 2-YO before breeding
      her or him for the 1st time does 2 things:
      1 - even if they have no tests to detect them, over-85% of any problems
      that might affect an individual dog show symptoms by 24-mos, so
      that owners / breeders can avoid reproducing heritable problems in their
      2 - waiting till 2-YO adds an average of 2 years to the lifespans
      of the pups - the cheapest & simplest way of extending any dog's life.

      Please see DVM Padgett's hardcover book on "Heritable Disease in Purebred
      Dogs" for more information. Breeders need to know what they're doing -
      not just own an intact dog of either gender.
      - terry
    2. leashedForLife
      U do realize that by listing Ur dog for stud on the Forum, U not only violated
      PF-uk rules, U also got a very-useful sticky thread that ran for years,
      LOCKED?... Congratulations. :nonod:
      As the icing on that nasty cake, Ur advertisement is full of outright misinformation.
      Spotting factor isn't -only- in Dalmatians; PAYING $2.5-grand for a pet-shop pup
      doesn't mean s/he is WORTH that much, in fact, U were blatantly robbed;
      & it's considered unethical to breed 6-MO pups, as if they're adults.

      Please do more reading about breeding - & please DON't breed Ur pet-shop pup.
      Get him desexed, enjoy him as a pet, & if U truly want to breed, find a mentor
      & buy a high-quality pup direct from the breeder - not a retail outlet!! -- for
      less than 1/3 that ripoff price, & be sure that pup is TESTED / screened for any
      breed-specific or dog-generic heritable problems.
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