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May 29, 2012
Aug 30, 2010
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May 29, 2012
    1. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Happy new Year :D x
    2. Aurelia
      You did a mighty fine job I tell ya! :D xxx
    3. Eroswoof
      Thank you for the rep and support :o xxxx
    4. buffie
      Hi Sorry been logged off for a while.Mr M is well and calming down a lot.Wouldnt say he is a cuddle monster but he's getting there.Glad you and McGinger are well.Im still spitting fur here at Aurelia's ban.
    5. Eroswoof
      awww thank you for the picture comment :o

      Doesn't let you off the hook :rolleyes: :lol: xxxx
    6. Eroswoof
      :lol: I wont let it slide you know :lol: xxxx
    7. Eroswoof
      Aww cack :lol: I just came for a nosy at some William photos and there's no albums! Sort this post haste :lol:

    8. dougal22
      Hiya, I hope William is totally recovered now, no further episodes since? :)
    9. Aurelia
      Had a break for a few days hun. How are you and William? Be sure to PM me your address mind, I'm pretty sure I owe Master William a treat for getting better so quickly ;) :001_wub:
    10. dougal22
      That's great news Sparkles, I'm so pleased to hear everything is looking positive for William :) Onwards and Upwards!!! Honestly, cats cause more worry/grey hair than they'll ever know.
      Everything is fine with me and the furries. They're loving being able to go outside in the cat run now the weather is nicer. Long may it last :)
    11. dougal22
      How's William? All is going well I hope :) I trust you're okay too and over the upset of leaving him at the vet.
    12. lymorelynn
      How's the wee ginger this morning?
    13. dougal22
      My other 2 have dry, it's just Dillon that refuses to eat it, point blank! I know if I tried to stop the others having their daily fix, they would protest quite a bit, but I only give them a limited amount. I know what you mean about having a cat in the bedroom; I've had to stop that too as I was barely getting any sleep with them running around all night, but as a one off treat when he comes home, well that won't hurt ;) You can have lots of cuddles :D
    14. dougal22
      I put a tiny drop of hot water in Dillon's food and he seemed to accept it straight away. I think he's the most hydrated cat ever as he drinks water, has water in his wet food and doesn't eat any dry at all :) It's a good habit to get into, then you won't have to worry about William not drinking! You might be a sad Sparkles tonight, but you'll be a happy Sparkles tomorrow :) :) :)
    15. dougal22
      I bet he was annoyed, being away from his mommy, but he has to be made better again. Best thing for you, to keep busy. And, if you do find out it's dehydration, then perhaps you could start adding a drop of water to his wet food? I do this with my little red boy (who I call Mr Ginger - and he has a fiery side to him too, like a typical redhead!!) :)
    16. dougal22
      It's even harder when they don't know what's wrong, more worry for you :( Are they doing to give him any treatment this evening - on a drip or anything? Did you notice if he was dehydrated? Perhaps that's the reason they've kept him in, if he's not eating, he could be dehydrated and this would make him seem poorly. I know it's easier said than done, but keep your chin up, he'll soon be home as if nothing has happened :)
    17. Sparkles87
      No, they seemed pretty miffed if I'm honest, which is why they are keeping him in I think. He had been very very sick when I got in but we cannot pinpoint it to anything. He isn't outdoors so can't have eaten something poisonous outside. We don't keep flowers/plants etc in the house for the reason and we're very careful not to leave things lying around. He hasn't had a change of diet either, and isn't running a temperature. He had also perked back up somewhat by the time we got to the vets. They seemed at a bit of a loss :( I just don't know what to do with myself. Thankfully OH is being very good and keeping me calm. Or trying to anway!
    18. dougal22
      Oh no, you must be so worried!! Did they say what they thought was the cause? I know exactly what you're going through. My little one has been kept overnight at the vet a few times now; I felt bereft coming home without him and like you, I couldn't stop crying. But, William is being cared for and fingers crossed, after a night 'in hospital' he'll be home tomorrow :)
    19. dougal22
      Hi Sparkles, how is William this morning? Sorry I couldn't reply last night - flurry of activity with cat feeding/litter trays etc, then I had to sleep!!
      It sounds like a hairball; they vomit to try to get the ball up and its usually all saliva like or vomit accompanied by saliva if that makes sense. Having a hairball knocks my oldest cat off his stride - he's not 'old' but my oldest at 20 months. He tends to sleep more when he has a hairball. It is a worry, and if you get William checked out by your vet, he might put your mind at ease and next time, you won't be so worried, because if it is a hairball, it will probably recur. If you haven't got any already, get some Gimpet malt paste from Zooplus; this helps with the transition of the hairball. Please let me know how William is :)
    20. dougal22
      It's a tough call Sparkles, I don't want to give contradictory advice. Two of my three are prone to vomiting, not a lot, but I generally know why they've been sick (hair ball) and when this happens, I tend to not feed them for a few hours then give them something bland, like boiled white fish or some RC sensitive wet food, chicken and rice, which is from the vet diet range. It's not likely you'll have RC vet diet knocking around, but if William hasn't been sick for what, 7 hrs now, perhaps you could give him a small amount of wet food, something bland if you have it? What was the vomit like? When mine have hairball and they vomit, it looks like 'frothy saliva' sometimes with a bit of hair in it.
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    William aka McGinger :001_wub:

    Born 15/08/2010

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