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Spaniel mad
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Sep 28, 2011
Jul 17, 2009
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Reading, Berkshire

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Spaniel mad

PetForums VIP, from Reading, Berkshire

Spaniel mad was last seen:
Sep 28, 2011
    1. CatzEyes
    2. CatzEyes
      Hope all is well with you and your precious fur family
    3. CatzEyes
      Well I knew I was getting him, just didn't know when. He was 4 months when he came to us. I love him and my cat Oreo very much as well. I would love to get another dog but OH won't permit it at this time.
      Well I must say bye for now. You have a great evening.
    4. CatzEyes
      Awww...precious memories. I was working the day my Brother in law brought Rebel. When I got home my girls were both standing in the kitchen with smirks on their faces and I knew something was up. In walks my OH with this cute bundle of black and white fur in his arms. I was so excited. I waited so long to get my dog.
    5. CatzEyes
      Oh I know it's crazy how fast the grow. My Rebel is gonna be 4 already in Feb. It seems like it was just yesterday when my Brother-in-Law surprised us with him.
    6. CatzEyes
      Good...and how are all your gorgeous Fur babies.
      I am good...just relaxing for awhile before I go pick up my paycheck and go to the doctors.
    7. CatzEyes
      Hope my faraway friend with all the gorgeous doggies is doing well
    8. CatzEyes
    9. CatzEyes
      > Click Me <
      Hope you and your gorgeous pets are doing well
    10. CatzEyes
    11. CatzEyes
    12. Little Missy
      Little Missy
      That's okay. :)
    13. cockerspaniellisa
      yeah my poppy is looking fab too. I am taking your advice and rotating pups. Poppy must be producing a nice lot of milk though as she goes to feed them probably more than every two hours. I give her calcium tablets to be on the safe side.
      I am also on the sofa as casper chewed my foot pump!. he's normally pretty good but anything left on the floor he assumes is his.
      My mum is coming to stay next week so she is going to help weaning, I'm going to start them off early to see how they take to it.
      so many people have told me my bitch could lose her life giving birth. She is in tip top condition, I needed to help her with the delivery of one but that was simple to do and I know what i'm doing as far as thats concerned. How many times do bitches die with caring owners? I would like to have one more litter from poppy in the future as long as she is health checked prior to this and supervised whelping how likely is it she could die. Is it something you worry about with your own dogs?
    14. cockerspaniellisa
      thanks! I am blessed to have a lovely litter of puppies.
      I bought an airbed so i could sleep near near, luckily my dog welcomes me nearby and will call for me if i'm away too long. I will put pics on here soon for all to see. As you will know yourself i'm pretty tried now and really confused what day it is.
      I own the male too "Casper". Its really funny my bitch "Poppy" is fussy with her food but she won't let casper have it so to get her to eat the correct diet i say "quick caspers coming!!" and she wolfs it down.
    15. cockerspaniellisa
      rotating is working well, I have to admit its easier working with the 8 but deeply sad to have lost the other two. I forgot to mention that my bitch has only five nipples out of the 8 working, just to make life easy for me!
      i wish i hadn't taken the advice from the vet, Oh If we could turn back time eh. I suppose these big litters would n't survive without our help but we can't help feeling responsible if any puppies die. I'm really glad to know that you successfully reared a big litter as i know exactly what to do next time. I will offer bottles when the pups are bigger.
    16. Cassies-mum
      riaa, why arent u on msn? I wish to speak to youu!!
    17. JANICE199
      Your welcome,the pups look great.:D:D
    18. kelseye
      ahh bless... well good luck im sure they will be good for you if you have words before you go lolx
    19. kelseye
      good thanks just chilling today .when have you got to take them to the vets?
    20. kelseye
      afternoon :) hows the pups doing? and you?:)
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    Reading, Berkshire
    I have 9 dogs and 5 cats. 3 springers - Kaydee, Storm and one of Storms babies called Breeze, a golden retriever called Miley and a yellow labrador called Lilo and 3 cocker puppies - Brooke is a Chocolate Tan cocker and Stream is a Blue Roan and Tan, Maisie is a Chocolate Roan and Tan and we have Maisie's dad who is Chocolate.. 3 female cats - Cassie, Bird and Diezel and 2 toms called Jet and Puffin

    My animals are my life




    R.I.P Kaydee my beautiful baby girl. 15.04.2004 - 01.05.2011
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