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Spaniel mad
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Sep 28, 2011
Jul 17, 2009
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Reading, Berkshire

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Spaniel mad

PetForums VIP, from Reading, Berkshire

Spaniel mad was last seen:
Sep 28, 2011
    1. Tanya1989
      Where have you been? Not seen you round for ages
    2. leanne2479
      yeah same here was looking for work,now have 4 jobs to choice from haha spent a mnth apllying for jobs then got offered loads at the same time,i walked out my last job as they wernt doing there jobs properly got fed up with looking after them as well as the res,haha,glad alls well, :)
    3. leanne2479
      how is everything ur way,with the pets and family? hope ur doing ok :O)
    4. leanne2479
      happy new year hope you all have a better 2011 :O)
    5. leanne2479
      awww i have 2 of my childrens names tattooed on my wrists and other kids names done else where,i think its meaning full and nice wouldnt have something tattooed unless it means something my hubby covered in tattoos mind u he a bit older than me,lol,yea im all gd ,now getting ready for another night shift am so nakered but someones gotta do it,lol :O)
    6. leanne2479
      how are u hun? hope alls better with u all,ive just been working loads latley training up new girls at work and even my little sister which was strange haha,missy has been chilling after her 6th birthday poor old girl,chat soon, thinking of u, x x
    7. leanne2479
      ahhhhh im so sorry,to hear about ur grandad,its not nice when family or anyone passes on,hope u are feeling better soon,am thinking of u, x
    8. leanne2479
      took missy on a dog walk thing for charity she hated it with all the other dogs :O( since amber bit her shes been funny so have to now keep them all away from each other, :O( hope alls well with u and the dogs :O)
    9. leanne2479
      hows u and doggys we have now moved house and settled in we had to rehome amber as she was attcking missy but a really good family member had her,we have just got 2 baby beared dragons they are so funny,hope alls well, x x
    10. Boudicca1959
      I love the picture
    11. Leah84
      ahhh i finally managed to find the tags on ebay lol

      how did you make your sig banners btw?? i`ve been trying to do one but it ends up looking a mess hahaha
    12. Leah84
      just had a look at your pic and omg esme is stunning!!!! she reminds me so much of muffin at that age!

      where do you get them tags from btw?? i`ve seen a few people with them but never actually seen them online or anything
    13. Leah84
      awww do you have pics of esme up on here??

      yeah it`s hard not having one but after the heartbreak we went through the thought of bringing another in is also hard but from what i gather it`s always gonna feel that way. tashi is helping us to find a dog as she reckons golden retrievers would be the best breed for us and she also knows all there is to know so if/when we find one we`ll know it`s right for us :)

      12 cats :eek: you`re mad hahah i had no idea you had so many!!! i`ve got little lacey coming to live here from sequeena`s litter in a few weeks time so can`t wait to introduce her to twix, he`s convinced himself he`s a rabbit i`m sure as he`s always running after them and playing in tunnels with them bless
    14. Leah84
      ahhh i thought it was stream lol so many it gets confusing but they`re all gorgeous. awwww how old is esme?? i love b/w springers

      unfortunately my gang is just twix the 2 buns and the pigs these days :( doesn`t feel right somehow not having a dog to snuggle up to and run around with and i`m becoming so lazy cause of it :eek:
    15. Leah84
      hey how are you and dogs getting on?? last time i spoke to you i think you were just getting flake....who i think is called stream now?? least looks like it in your siggy lol
    16. maizie0_0
      Blimey!!!!!!!! Mind you, I can understand why, they are energetic, mischevious and just plain gorgeous! Think I will stick to my ONE at the moment!
    17. Rubyrubes
      meant to say....Tilly was born 17th april so only 3 days younger than Esme :)

      Elaine x
    18. Rubyrubes
      Aah little Esme is lovely, your other dogs are too! looks like you know what you are doing as you have other dogs, Tilly is our 1st so we have lots of learning to do!
    19. maizie0_0
      3 springers! Blimey! And I thought one was a handful! x
    20. Rubyrubes
      Hello, your dogs are gorgeous! How old is Esme? We have recently got a springer pup called Tilly, shes 13wks old!
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  • About

    Reading, Berkshire
    I have 9 dogs and 5 cats. 3 springers - Kaydee, Storm and one of Storms babies called Breeze, a golden retriever called Miley and a yellow labrador called Lilo and 3 cocker puppies - Brooke is a Chocolate Tan cocker and Stream is a Blue Roan and Tan, Maisie is a Chocolate Roan and Tan and we have Maisie's dad who is Chocolate.. 3 female cats - Cassie, Bird and Diezel and 2 toms called Jet and Puffin

    My animals are my life




    R.I.P Kaydee my beautiful baby girl. 15.04.2004 - 01.05.2011
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