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Jun 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2012
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Jun 6, 2013
    1. springerpete
      Hi Sophiee. They're fine thank you, Working on steadying them a bit before the start of the season, they're both very young but I'm confident that they'll be ready.
    2. springerpete
      You're probably right.
    3. springerpete
      You havent got your pup yet then? You must be bursting with excitement.
      My pair are fine thanks, been to the beach today so the kitchen floor now looks like a desert with drying sand falling out of their coats. Hoover time again..............
    4. springerpete
      Good day Sophie, jus enquiring after your pup, Are you havung lots of fun times with him. ? I hope you're both well. Pete.
    5. springerpete
      Hi Sophie. I've used Wainwrights before now but most of the recognised puppy foods are pretty good, and when they're pups I give them half a pint of GOATS milk with a raw egg in it every day, my lads have always done well on it. The other thing I swear by is oily fish, sardines or mackrel mixed with their food. Remember,Thats goats milk, not cows, that'll do them no good at all.
      I'm sure you'll be fine, any problems feel free to call me any time. Lets see plenty of pics.. Take care. Pete.
    6. springerpete
      Thanks Sophiee, I think they're pretty special, I've just put up a few more of my Spaniel, Skye, out on his first proper shoot, only pigeons but it was good experience for him. He did well.
    7. springerpete
      Hi Sophiee, She looked like a 'Worker, I'm pleased to hear her tail's been docked, an undocked tail can be a problem with springers. ( Although I've had a lot of grief for saying that on the forum.) If I can ever be of any help to you please dont be shy in asking. Perhaps you'd like to see my , 10 month old spanner and his buddy, 13month old goldie, check 'em out in my album, some of the pics will give you an idea of what springers are all about, Take care.
    8. springerpete
      Sophiee, Hi. Just been catching up on your thread, she is a beautiful pup. Is she from a working line, she looks as though she might well be and if that's the case you must remember this and dont be suprised or worried when, in a few months, she starts to dissapear into bushes when you're out walking. She will want to hunt, it's hard wired into them. She'll attract dirt like a magnet, frequently will return to you with a bramble bush hanging from her tail, ears or some other part of her body.
      She will give you loads of fun but be prepared to have a 'Busy' little dog. I've had them for years and I'm still amazed by the amount of energy they have. Take care and I wish you and your young lady lots of luck and good times to come. Pete.
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