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Feb 27, 2017
Jul 9, 2013
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Mar 21, 1991 (Age: 29)
Worcestershire, UK

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PetForums VIP, 29, from Worcestershire, UK

Sophiebee was last seen:
Feb 27, 2017
    1. chillminx
      Many thanks for the rep :) Very happy if I can help in any way. :)
    2. Jesthar
      Cheers for the rep - and you're welcome! That thread cheers me up no matter what :D
    3. Ceiling Kitty
      Ceiling Kitty
      Thanks for the green square! :) xxx
    4. Aubrie30
      Thanks for the rep :)
    5. Polski
      Thanks for the green one, hope your keyboard wasn't damaged :-D
    6. Jiskefet
      Thank you for the rep and support. I am just very sorry it needed saying. It really grieves me that people put their 'right to speak their mind' above common decency and compassion.They seem to forget that if you claim any rights for yourself, you should also embrace your responsibilities towards other people.
    7. lostbear
      Thank you very much for the rep. :)
    8. JaimeandBree
      Thanks for rep! x
    9. chillminx
      Many thanks for the green rep! :)
    10. Satori
      Ooh, thanks for the blob and good luck with the toothpaste :)
    11. Mozzie

      Sorry, I didn't see this until now, I have been off the past week and enjoying being away from a computer (as my job is 12 hour shifts working with computers).

      Many thanks. All is fine there now, she is a very happy cat and over her nervousness fortunately. Back to her old self. :) The child was made to very clearly understand with regards to her behaviour and, fortunately, this time it sunk into their brain and she has been a lot calmer towards Miki.

      Best wishes,

      Mozzie and Miki
    12. Jiskefet
      Thank you for blobby :D
    13. Psygon
      Hey thnks for the rep for the wild flingdom - did you get one?? And if you did what did Loki think? :D
    14. lorilu
      Thanks for the rep. I hope Loki is doing better. x
    15. moggiemum
      aww thank you , the intros are going great lots of washing faces and blinking but playtime still a little rough so 100% supervision , and my big boy still loves me too, phew xxxx
    16. Jesthar
      Thanks for the rep! Much appreciated :)
    17. cats galore
      cats galore
      thankyou, i do my best. i wish i had more space so that i could help more but with my 14 cats as well it is difficult to find room for more. i'm hoping to convert at least one of my sheds into temporary emergency runs/pens. that way i can do so much more x
    18. catcoonz
      Thank you, I told new owners sylvesta may hide but he didn't he went straight to the new activity post which is great, obviously happier in a new home rather than rescue bless him.
    19. catcoonz
      Hi, Thankyou, I enjoy helping the cats, spid is my foster home and has the black boy, sylvesta went to his new home today, Jack goes to his new home in 2 weeks after dental work and Evie the kitten goes in 6 weeks maybe sooner depending on blood results. xxx
    20. DollyGirl08
      Thank you for the rep.
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    Mar 21, 1991 (Age: 29)
    Worcestershire, UK


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