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Oct 17, 2012
Apr 23, 2009
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sootisox was last seen:
Oct 17, 2012
    1. colliemerles
      hi, has she had the kittens yet, x
    2. henry
      Hi there, just wondering how your pup is? I see a lot of people were asking about him - would it be possible to do a little post about him? Claire x
    3. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hi there.... How are you doing ? Just a quickie to find out how the wee doggy you rescued is doing ???? Pamx
    4. henry
      Hi Sootisox! That's great to hear about your pup! He's so lucky to have you and sounds as though he's fitted into your family really well. Well done and please keep us posted on his progress! Claire x
    5. henry
      Hi! Just wondering how your doggie is?? Hopefully no-one has claimed him yet?? How's he eating now - what did you decide to feed him in the end?
    6. bird
      Glad to hear it. Spaniels do seem to love tug toys, yet they still keep a soft mouth. Sounds like you've got a lovely little lad there. Love the name.
    7. bird
      Hows that little spaniel doing.
    8. silverhorse
      :)Congratulations on your new kitties. Waiting for my girl to pink up hopefully.5 kittens eh that is brilliant.Keep up the good work. Nice to get your message. Have a nice day
    9. silverhorse
      Blebell seems to be a bit calmer today thanks. Glad Bea is coming along nicely now, it is always a worry.Hope Bluebelle is coping with her new family. I am glad the wather is a little cooer too. Keep me informed about Bea:):):)
    10. silverhorse
      I understand I forget to look at my notifications too. I am really pleased the kitts are doing well. My Bluebell is back from the stud a week now and wont go off call after mating 8 times there. My randy male neuter tried to mate her yesterday so we have had to split them up. I just hope she is pregnant. It will be her first litter.Do they linger on the call after mating sometimes:)
    11. silverhorse
      Goodv luck today I am sure everything will go well with Bluebelle
    12. princessa rags
      princessa rags
      hi ive just been looking at your cats they are very stunning
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